Summer Solstice & Full Moon


Here in California….away from the heat….enjoying family and friends…

Remember – tomorrow is Summer Solstice, and a Strawberry Full Moon….

May you all enjoy the day and night and twirl, twirl, twirl

Life is Good…..




21 thoughts on “Summer Solstice & Full Moon

  1. Know that their are white strawberries? If you have the chance please check out our new story, jasmine at Gastradamus. We would really appreciate your feedback, let us know what you think of it in the comment section. I’m a brave man, I can take constructive criticism. If you checked it out it would make my day, be swell and enjoy the sun


  2. Hard to believe we’re over the hump and heading toward the days of fewer hours of sunlight. I love looking out my windows as I type and witness the reality of life. It is much more difficult to witness this in the DARK!
    Hope life in California is treating you well. I’m sure you don’t miss the heat in Arizona of late. Stay positive and enjoy life.


    • Thanks…enjoying California to the max…and yes they are all crying because its 91 here…we just smile…LOL all relative to where you live…and soooo glad we missed the heat wave…its back down under 110 at home so back to normal summer weather there…not as bad as it sounds…and yes didn’t we just celebrate the winter solstice….doesn’t seem possible we are all ready headed towards darkness….

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