Well I forget how cloudy at night it can be here…so the moon stayed hidden behind them and I was unable to get a look at the beautiful strawberry moon…however lots of people Facebooked pictures….and I did get a little twirl in…the moon beams were still there…LOL

Having a wonderful time here…the weather is in the low 90″s….of course we are in heaven and they are all panting from the heat…LOL  but the cool afternoon breeze is divine….

Doing okay with calorie intake…probably eating more than I should, we have been stopping by a few of our favorite restaurants already….LOL  but I have been making smart choices….with the exception of pesto bread sticks today…..but really who wouldn’t want a pesto breadstick to go with there Caesar salad….!!!  Really!!!  Who….??? LOL  I am going to enjoy myself, and keep smart choices first and foremost…and will try to keep myself at the weight I am at…when I get home, (yes-can you believe we think of Yuma as home!!) will get back into a routine, no matter how early if I have to – to get to the gym and I really miss the pool….it will all be put in place around the weather….LOL

We have been here since Saturday, it has only taken 3 or 4 days to realize that home is in Yuma….we miss our little home…not the heat so much, but that’s just a season and then will be back to live-able weather…so that’s a nice feeling….this feels comfortable

So today was the first day I felt fully rested…we worked in the yard mowing, pulling weeds along the fence…there is so much to do for only one person….but how much fun to get my hands dirty!!!   LOL  So I got a good workout in…and my calorie intake was at 1500cal so that felt great….

Until tomorrow…



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  1. Dancing in the moonlight, everybody’s feeling warm and bright, it’s such a fine and natural sight, everybody’s dancing in the moonlight!!!
    Glad you guys are settling in and weird how you already consider Yuma home! Have a nice time in the cooler weather and keep up the sensible choices….!


  2. You sound very happy my dear! I am glad you are making the smart choices – that can be difficult to do when you are away and not in your regular routine! Have a wonderful time, keep twirling – I did see that moon this morning and thought of you. I did not twirl, but I did my yoga and meditation under that moon this morning. Happy day kat! 🙂


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