Well I have my lab results….and I can proudly state I am no longer pre-diabetic…..YAY   I only had 3 lab values done and all are in normal range….I can sigh a big breath of relief….diabetes runs in my family, so I was worried that no matter what I have been doing wouldn’t turn the numbers back…but it did work…and I am sure they will get even lower as I loose more weight…couldn’t be happier tonight…I have a follow up with my MD on Friday, but I am sure she will be as happy as I am…..so on with more weight loss….even though I am here and let me tell you its been a challenge….but I am trying to stay strong and eat healthy….I am positive I am eating more than I should, no excuses….and I have started to exercise, trying to get into some sort of routine here….not complaining but its easy to say than actually do it….LOL

On a much somber thought….

I have to say I am so saddened by all the evil in the world…..I have no words to express my sorrow….I am just sad to the very core of my being….tears flow freely these days when I sit to long and start to think about recent events and all the political BS that’s going on not only here but across the pond…

Until later…..


24 thoughts on “WHOOOT WHOOOT….

  1. Genetics plays a much smaller role than most people realize. We are learning how to repress as well as express the genes we wish to. This means that genetic predisposition no longer commits a person to a predestined outcome. LIFESTYLE is truly the biggest influence and your efforts are proving as much.


    • I am learning !!!….I have lived with the old wifes tale that genes hand down the disease….I am learning that we have the capability of changing our lives one day at a time…I have known this for years but am really putting it to the test now…and seeing the results…and with wonderful doctors like yourself putting the information out here for us, to help us, to encourage us…I have to thank you for always having kind words for me…..kat

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  2. It’s your life and you chose to take charge.. My heart rejoices with yours on the health front and weeps with yours on the world front..
    The world has become a stage for mad hatters..


    • Thanks….yes I have always been the ole…I am woman, hear me roar, kinda gal…but taking control of my health is truly invigorating and liberating…….thanks for the kind words…kat


  3. Very happy for you kat with your results! Hard work pays off and this just gives you more motivation! So very proud of you and look forward to your continued good results! Happy Thursday! 🙂


  4. Well done on your test results, you have worked hard. Kat the amount of senseless violence in this world astounds me. It is everywhere and sometimes I choose not to watch the news because it can be so dam sad.


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