13659001_10206620297486156_4347759290534485270_n13659007_10206620287485906_6019682245757211154_nSpent part of the weekend going down memory lane by visiting all my favorite beaches….started out on the coast at the Tides, (from the movie The Birds) and sat and watched the boats come and all the tourist for while and then headed out to Dillon’s Beach, (above photos)… spent many an afternoon between shifts at the restaurant walking on the beach…great sand dollar beach…the fog never really burnt off, just hung off the coast…but it was a beautiful day, any day along the Pacific Ocean is beautiful….

My better half is back sitting in the heat and left me up to my own trouble hunting….I was able to visit all my favorite little shops on the way out and back from the beach….

Spent Saturday driving up to Fort Bragg, one of my favorite little beach towns….its about two and half hours away, but a beautiful drive….here are some pictures….they all had a white hue to them from the sun and fog that was lingering around…

The bridge is Hwy #1, the coastal route….under the bridge is a little fishing village called Noyo Harbor….that’s where we had dinner on the harbor and watched the boats come in…the picture of the buildings on the water is Noyo Village under the bridge…we were on the opposite side of the harbor at a huge succulent nursery….spent a couple hours there…had a lot of fun…nice to see the little town of Fort Bragg has not changed…but man were there a lot of tourist everywhere….we drove home through the redwoods, they are so magnificent…I feel very lucky and blessed to live this close to nature…


Well its Sunday afternoon…..and I have been to the Windsor Farmers Market, bought some butternut ravioli that melt in your mouth, and organic balsamic vinaigrettes, they have a tangerine/apricot one that is so good on fruit and a lemon one….so I loaded up to take them back home with me….LOL  Met my son and his new girlfriend for lunch and they came back to the house to visit…so that was fun…. (http://californiabalsamic.com/)

I some how stepped wrong in the process of waking and messed up my bad knee…pretty sure it was already swollen due to the  weather and I cleaned out a flower bed of weeds out front so it wasn’t very happy with me from that….I get like  a mad dog with a bone to bury when I get started on yard work, as I know when I stop, its over for several days… so somehow I just stepped wrong and know its really being a spoiled sport….so I am on big doses of advil and keeping it iced….pretty sure the weight I have put back on hasn’t been helping either…so I am taking it easy and moving very slowly…..can’t believe how much the ole arthritis is hurting here….I am doing well…need to make better choices in regards to food…and get back to losing weight…pretty sure all the joints would be happier….



15 thoughts on “Weekend….

  1. I saw you disappeared. Was that accidental? Or did I do something that upset you? You have been one of my longest standing followers. We were talking all the time. I have a lot of family issues and they are mocking and hurting me while laughing and you and I were always there for each other.



    • NO I have been here…on vacation back in California and dealing with life, packing, selling items in the house and just general BS that goes along with uprooting your life to another planet…or at least is seems that way…LOL sorry about your family…no ones says you have to like them….but they are blood after all….still here buddy….kat

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