Who Should We Blame?

As always another great post from Dr. Jonathan….kat

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Men and Women have a tendency to reflexively and defensively “point fingers” at infinite sources to find blame for life’s difficulties. Often, we spend more time devoted to searching for these sources than we do resolving the problems. What are the driving forces that deflect our focus from problem solving to “name blaming?” What personal need is satisfied by identifying a person, an organization or an industry as the source of “evil” if this process doesn’t improve the quality of our lives?


moving-parts-teamwork-cogs Part IILife does NOT have to be as complicated as we make it. The more “moving parts” we create in life, the greater the chances for failure. Rather than spending countless hours seeking refuge hoping to find people suffering the same situations we find ourselves in, our time may be better utilized seeking simple solutions. The “SIMPLE SOLUTIONS” I offer have “fewer moving parts,” but…

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