Well the weekend is over and I am on the last week I will be here in Santa Rosa, I leave for Washington this Thursday with my daughter for a long weekend and the plans are that we will be back Tuesday and then I head home….home, I am so ready to be home with my sweetheart, my bed, the pool, my yard….6 weeks are wearing on me…LOL not to mention my gracious host, (cousin) who is a loner, I am sure she is ready to have the house back to herself…LOL

Been a busy weekend…Saturday I spent with my cousin…we went to some antique shops around the county, I actually sold some of my treasures so made a little, very little money and spent it all at the next stop…LOL …then we went to the old Sonoma County Museum, it used to be the old post office way back when, and was across the street, they moved it…LOL  anyway, my son-in-law was asked to play (guitar) at the exhibit, Medieval to Metal, it was a wonderful exhibit on guitars, of all ages…he was asked to play the blues that afternoon…right up his alley….so it was fun to go support him and check out the exhibit…here are some pictures… This building dates back to 1910


My son-in law….so proud to call him family….


They have a sculpture garden, all made from a local artist….this is the entrance…


Sunday I had lunch with my friend, she just moved into a beautiful retirement up on the hill above town, her daughter is my best friend in New York…this was the entrance to her building…beautiful flowers and fountain..


Had a wonderful afternoon….my cup runneth over with love and joy….I know I keep saying that, but its true….

then to finish off the wonderful weekend – off to the movies to see the new Star Trek, yup, I am a trekee…LOL  my son and I have never missed a new release so it was very special that they released it while I was here…LOL

13782021_10206696375228052_7553543135230328242_n Pretty obvious I am early no matter where I go…they had to ask me step out so they could clean from the previous show..LOL  nothing like an early bird…..the show was good….and even better I got to see it with my son…LOL

So that leaves me to this morning…Monday….my cousin woke up to a flat tire, so she took my car and I was up dealing with triple A to change the tire and then I offered to go to the tire place and get it fixed and put back on and I went to pick up my car and she said the low tire light came on while she was driving to work…LOL  mine was much easier than her fix, just needed air…LOL  so here I sit…I have been packing my suitcases for Washington, and the ones I am leaving her to pick  up on my way back through…laundry done, dishes done, made a couple quiches and roasted some potatoes and am waiting to go meet my son and his new girl friend and listen to my son-in-law play at the pub…last time I will do that this trip…so that will be fun….

I am so ready to be home and get back to my weight loss…I have seemed to lost all control over my eating….I start the day counting and doing well but as the day goes on, down hill I go….seems all I have done this vacation is eat…I am afraid I have put on a significant amount of weight, I feel, well for any better word, stupid, I know that I am hurting myself, but continue to do it…I sit here shaking my head and know that I have once again failed myself…why do I give my self a free pass to eat just because I am on vacation…a life change is just that a “life Change”….I am ashamed to admit how bad I have been, however I am owning it all…and will, no I am back at it…stating right here and now….I am aware, I am responsible, I am working at getting back in control of my eating…I find my self owning it over and over….I am not a failure, I am not stupid, however I am a food addict and need to stay on focus at all times…so I am hoping that I haven’t offended anyone with my lack of personal judgement….I feel and am full aware of the damage I have done to myself….again, once again I state out loud…I am back at it…..


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  1. kat, a wonderful time with friends and family. Don’t be hard on yourself about the eating, I know it can be tough when you are out of the usual routine! Once you are back home, I bet you get right back into it! Have fun and be safe. Enjoyed seeing the wonderful photos! Happy day my friend! 🙂


    • Thanks for the kind words Terry…in my mind I gave my self a free pass to eat….that wasn’t a very good idea…but your right, I have already changed my ways…LOL happy week to you too!!!


  2. It is hard to be away from your own place and even though it is fun it is also stressful! I love the pictures and the update on everything you are doing! I hope your trip is wonderful! Keep going Kat it is difficult to change a life time of habits– I know I keep trying and then eating things I know are not great and feeling bad but I am also continuing on! xxx


  3. Hugs,Kat. 🤗🤗 Enjoy the rest of your vacation and try not to be too hard on yourself. Love seeing all the pictures and the positive vibes you have been putting out in your posts. xo


      • Things are really great here, Kat. Soaking up the sun in the afternoons and swatting mosquitoes at night 😊 And I can relate to needing to be home for a rest, holidays are exhausting 😆


      • I leave this evening after my daughter gets off work for Washington, we will stay 3 nights and then turn around to come home….really looking forward to spending some time with my little girl, (39 yrs old) LOL not very young and definitely has a mind of her own…LOL then home a week from today…..I love it when I get to the end of a vacation and start my piles….LOL glad your enjoying life…and keep swatting those skitos….LOL

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  4. As usual, love all the photos. Thanks for sharing. My husband is trying to get me to go see Star Trek with him, but I’m not a big fan. That being said I didn’t mind the last one. It’s hard to stay on track when your on the go but I know you will get back to it once you get home and back into routine. I’ve fallen a little off track as well (bring injured sucks) but I need to kick my own butt back into action. Keep at it Kat and we can push each other towards our goals.

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