I am up at my sisters and having a fun time….really enjoying myself….great being here with my daughter….my nephew, my sisters son, showed up to surprise us all..so that was a huge surprise…his son, my sisters grandson is here, he comes every year for a month to have fun and go camping….so its great family time….here are a few pictures in no particular order….

Smore’s made in  waffle ice cream cones wrapped in foil over the fire….not a fan of them this way…but still fun…

13645160_10206754845809780_6889469890660968627_n13669663_10206746651284922_2022883756760707289_n Sasquatch’s foot print on the side walk.LOL    one of the deer at my sisters house..she was waiting for an apple…lol13686679_10206754846569799_8315241799697480259_n

Hood’s Canal on the way to my sisters…..beautiful…


My sisters yard…part of the bank out by her house….13876527_10206746652644956_8233031113424827621_n

The buck was with his sister waiting for apples…13876685_10206754846889807_5955877876623571773_n

The Olympic mountains near my sisters house….13882350_10206746654765009_5305577509402488308_n

A totem at the casino….Seven Cedars….about 20 miles from the house…



The store by the casino…I always get my gas there….13886989_10206746653644981_1454181990104735893_n

A new mural in Port Angeles…..my Sasquatch….


So random pictures of our stay here….hope your al having fun….kat


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