So I am home in Yuma, heat and all….I haven’t wilted…..but I am sweating….LOL  I am currently sitting with 3 fans on….my little personal one besides me, a floor fan, and a ceiling fan….we have the air conditioner set at 86′ and it is comfortable…sure nice to be home and sleep in my own bed….I have to say it is nice to be home..I have to say that 6 weeks away was a bit to much….but my heart runneth over with all the love and joy I received from everyone back home.  First thing I did this morning was get on the scale….I have gained 13#, way less than I thought, I weighed the day we left here..so that was a positive moment this morning…and I am back at it…went shopping, fridge is full of yummy healthy food….not that my husband wasn’t eating healthy, but hummmm it did resemble a “bachelor” like style…..LOL   he had home-made chicken vegie soup….healthy…not frozen dinners….however he always heats a healthy breakfast…gotta give him that…..I did  a walk-a-bout and I have lost a couple of my cactus…I planted real late in the season, wasn’t sure that they would all make it…and then not being here for 4 weeks with no water….well the hot sun is not friends of young little plants…all of my hen and chickens died…so I am not replacing them….the low humidity simple just sucks them dry…I brought my 3 big barrel cactus with me….will get up and get them planted in the morning before the sun come up….I am thinking they will be happy back in their home land soil/sand….fingers crossed as it really isn’t the time to be transplanting…my new hibiscus is still alive, but extremely stressed…and the oleanders look pretty bad….hopefully they will make it through the summer….I was told it was to late to plant but I just had to!!!!   So that is what is happening here in my world….not sure when I will make it to the pool in this heat, maybe early in the morning…it is 105′ right now and way to hot to be in the heated pool…LOL  I am working on the early gym work out and then hit the pool before the sun rises…..we will see how that works out for me…in a week or so after I get caught up on my sleep and all the stuff I brought from California unpacked…chipping away at a little at a time….good to be back….

Here’s a few more pictures …..sorry they aren’t that good but hey, Samsung never promised crystal clear photos….LOL

My sisters grandson playing with his father and granddad….who could make the huge styrofoam plane fly down the front yard through 2 trees….LOL  it really was a great time to be with family, even if for a short time…


Lake Shasta…..pretty full compared to the last time I was up that way….


Mt. Shasta…… 13892315_10206784939602106_5923078426174546991_n

Black Butte Mt. on the North side of Mt. Shasta….taken as I drove south….13912729_10206784939402101_1488152845385319382_n

Going over Tehachapi Pass out of Bakersfield, on my way east to I-4013907037_10206784938922089_5748569581940039886_n

A borax factory….it is where the “Twenty Mule Team Borax” came from…that’s how they used to carry it out of the mine….thus the name….LOL13876261_10206784938762085_1416162160171686775_n

Came home on Hwy #247  It had been 4 years since I took this route….nothing has changed….LOL

13876138_10206784938002066_32287257120759075_nThe road behind me….long….13924943_10206784938402076_3372377772876523604_n

#247 drops you down into Yucca Valley just west of Joshua Tree National Park…they are sure beautiful trees….



I got home yesterday afternoon, 13 hours from California…and I had driven home from Oregon the day before…..so I was really exhausted…LOL  I like to drive but really !!! any way this morning my husband wakes me up at 5a….somehow he had a blockage, you know down there….so we ended up in the ER for a little help from the nurses and doctors…he is fine….but back to the picture….the sunrise was beautiful!!!   This is a quick picture taken at a red light this early morning…..wish I was sitting on my deck…however I would of been sound asleep if my husband hadn’t needed to wake me….LOL  just wanted to share…13912835_10206784937762060_7263997169312753498_n


12 thoughts on “Home….ahhhhhh

    • Yep….California house looks like ours….but the feeling of home has left it…pretty sure we packed it up in a box and sent it to Yuma….LOL coming back here felt like coming home….a hot home but home…LOL

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  1. Welcome back home kat! Very glad you enjoyed your trip with the family, and understanding being back home in your own bed. Just get back into the groove you were once in and I am sure those #’s will melt away. The pictures are amazing! Happy day my friend! 🙂


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