Wow…where did the week go…

Been home a week today….almost seems like I never left, the piles of stuff we brought back is still sitting around reminding me that we were gone and waiting to be put away….I am getting adjusted  to the heat, and muggy weather of the monsoon season that we are in….the clouds have brought the humidity up over 60% and that is making it pretty nasty out…now if we could just get some rain….

I have taken this week to get adjusted and am back on my healthy path to living….my husband is learning to adjust his fiber to the correct does so it doesn’t act like cement in is body, so that is telling me that I need more water myself….I sit out water in the morning and work on it all day…enjoying all the fresh fruit that the stores are offering…I am feeling rested and ready to hit the gym….the pool is near the bottom of the mountains and the wind has kept the sand stirred up and as long as I can’t see the mountains I stay away from the pool….hopefully it will be better after the clouds from the hurricane Earl passes over south of us….trust me we are not getting much from that storm, the East of us is getting rain and flooding….we will be lucky if we see a drop, but the winds are always showing there ugly heads…

I have already made our next round of MD appointments for January…they are all in a 2 day span…and then we can head back….it will be a week long trip, we will get as much visiting in as we can and that will be that!!!

Happy to be back in the nest……Until later…kat


17 thoughts on “Wow…where did the week go…

  1. Welcome back home – glad you are back! Get back to the goals and routine, and all is good. BYW, you can have some of the rain we are getting – way too much here! Happy day kat! 🙂


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