Hello Weekend….

Hard to believe another week has slid by….having a good week…have been back at it…I ate 1600 cal yesterday and ended the night with 1300 today and laid my fork down both nights at 6p….been to the pool one afternoon…it felt great to be back in the water, got in 30 minutes of actual exercise, but swam around for about an hour…need to get back…but its pretty warm in the afternoon lately and then the Olympics take up the evening…no cable or anyway to record the events so need to watch while I can….I haven’t made it to the gym…maybe tomorrow I will get out and put in some time….I know once I go back it will be easier to get back in the routine…  so I am happy with my progress of getting back into healthy eating after being away…been a little over a week since I have come home, yep, it feels like home…before it felt like we should be packing up the RV to take off…but coming back the feeling was different, home….feels good….feels hot, but its home…LOL  working on getting the air conditioner down to 80 at night…my husband is a fuss budget!!  he is afraid he is going to get cold…LOL  I could only wish….we are at 81′ tonight…we will see how he does…he may need another blanket…LOL

We had lunch at the our local favorite Casino, Cocopah, the chili rellenos were not bad!!  only had a small amount of beans and rice….it was nice to get out….on our way home we stopped by my favorite date shake haunt…Martha’s…..took a few shots of the date trees, most of them are in there little mesh bags while they finish ripening…sorry the pictures are so light….Samsung crappy camera….LOL


This big cloud hung out all day over the mountains to the North East of us….as the sun started to set you could see that it had been having an internal light show all day…or maybe with the extremely warm, humid evening it set off the lightening storm…it was beautiful…I tried to catch some of the beauty….these were the best out of about 60 pictures….LOL


I feel for the East, the rain and storms that are causing extreme weather….I hope it blows out to the ocean soon….

Have a fantastic weekend….kat


19 thoughts on “Hello Weekend….

  1. You’ll get there …. Slowly slowly catches monkey 🐒 I’m well jell of those dates …. Amongst my most favourite things in life and the cloud – incredible. I love your tales of desert life🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵


  2. kat, I am vey glad you are having the feeling of ‘home’ there, and you are getting back in the routine. The pictures are amazing! Stay cool my friend and have a happy weekend. 🙂


  3. Looks like an amazing place to live those storm photos are stunning, especially the lightning. Being winter here in Australia I feel warm reading your post Kat. Im starting my yoga and walking again to get in the swing of things for Spring, I find it easier to exercise in warmer weather.


    • I am getting geared up to head into the gym…something about hot weather and exercise don’t go together…LOL however I went into the gym the other day to cancel my membership as I thought there was no way I was ever going to exercise again here…LOL the gym felt like the artic….so I turned around and left…I am stating the gym on Monday….but I am back in the pool in the evenings when the sun starts to set…I will send you warm weather…..you send us rain….LOL

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  4. It’s nice to see “home” feels like HOME! Makes a much more pleasant place to come back to. Love the lightening picture. Stay focused on the fun and meaningful things in life you enjoy and you will eventually find FOOD taking a back seat to your pleasures. Stay happy and healthy and consider saying hello to those friends from the gym who miss you.


  5. Loved the photos, Kat. The storm clouds and lightening were amazing but I also found the ones of the date palms interesting. I ditto what someone else wrote about enjoying getting a snapshot of desert life!
    Take care xx Ro

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