Well, the big holiday weekend is almost upon us…I didn’t even know what day it was this morning and then to come to find out its Labor Day Weekend too!!!   LOL  Its dove hunting season here and the town is all in a frenzy with hunters….personally I am pretty sure that using the word dove and hunting in the same sentence is an oxy-moron…LOL  The local news station was asking the public to send in there favorite recipes for cooking doves….hummmm I am thinking #1, what ever they shoot them with must ruin over 1/2 the little bird and then what is left can only be a partial portion….I can’t even imagine that they hunt them….crazy…..the local motels are even advertising the will clean them for free if they stay at there place…..hummmm just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier around here….LOL So apparently that’s the big happening here, means we will be staying close to home and away from crazy hunters with guns….lol

Been a good day….I didn’t check to see what the calories were in plantains before I bought them…man they are high…so I am over my limit today…way over the quota…at 2000+ calories….needless to say I won’t be eating them again, I didn’t even log them in my journal until after I ate them….silly me…but they were good….yummy….I did make it to the pool for over an hour…but my arthritis kept me up most of the night last night aching, nothing would help, so I didn’t get real vigorous in the pool…just swam around and did a few leg lifts, weather is changing again, they call it monsoon weather…muggy, and cloudy…but enough to make the bariatric pressures go up and down….I ended up going to get some tyl arthritis and have been taking that most of the day….its helping….I also wanted to mention the scale has started to move down….taken long enough…it was only a pound but hey I will take it….


Here is a picture of my husbands new shed….looks more like a little cottage…his new man cave I am thinking…he’s already planning electricity and wondering what it would take to put a sink in..LOL …I say let him have fun…its 10×16 and has 2 –  3×10′ lofts at each end….we will be able to get rid of the old metal one, the doors don’t slide and its dark and dirty…so he can take his time unloading it into the new one…he needs a project to keep him busy….it will be here this week… we will have the view of the back desert  without a metal shed hiding it….YAY…plus if we ever move to a different location we can have it moved…..this is the actual one we purchased, already made and they deliver and set up….yay….it will be here next week….I think its adorable….

okay….until tomorrow…and no more plantains, I will be more careful checking calories before buying…..agghhhhhhhh!!!


8 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. kat, congrats on the 1 pound, this is progress and moving forward. Your words always have a fun, happy tone to them – they bring smiles and happiness to me. I am loving the man cave, I mean little cottage. Happy Friday, oh and yes, Happy Holiday Weekend! 🙂


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