Friday…..whooo hoooo

Start of a long weekend for many….last weekend of summer so to speak…frankly I am glad….that means cooler weather for us….

Another good day…ended the day with a 45 minute workout in the pool and 1165 calories and no eating after 6p….that’s the hardest part of my day…the evening…that’s when I have the worst time not eating….oh well, just get on with it, and stop fighting it…we were up at 7a and out in the yard trying to finish up the bricks….only have about 20 more to do and then the sand in the cracks and we will be done!!!  With that project…LOL  Even though it was only 85′, the humidity was 68%, I don’t think I have sweat that much ever….LOL  I am sure I sweat off a couple pounds….almost embarrassing….even just watering you sweat…LOL  forget pushing dirt around and shoveling up the rocks….LOL  oh well hard work is good for me….

Well nothing else to chat about tonight….until tomorrow…..


6 thoughts on “Friday…..whooo hoooo

  1. Whoo-Hooo for the weekend! I understand about moving dirt and rocks, I have done that before, certainly makes you sweat, and you most likely will feel it today. Have a wonderful holiday weekend kat! 🙂


  2. I love the weekends. That being said, I love the week days. Hope the humidity drops and the temperatures follow suit. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could turn sweat into a recyclable source of clean drinking water!

    It seems like the projects never end! Y’all are hard workers.


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