Well, you know I wouldn’t be able to not weigh my self…LOL –  I am down 3#’s….nice to finally see the scale really moving in the correct direction….can’t believe how much it helps the incentive to do more exercising for myself….finished the day off with 1300 calories, no eating after 6p ….swam for over and hour, including jogging in the pool for 25 minutes, along with other pool exercises I do…..I was a little sore from the gym yesterday…my arms felt it, that’s a good thing in my opinion….my muscles needed a wake up call…my back hurt from shoveling/sweeping sand I am sure….but a little hard work is good for me….looking forward to tomorrow and the next day, and oh ya the day after that…lol

Had a wonderful BBQ on our fire pit…enjoyed a beautiful day in Paradise, it was only 100′ today…we sat outside and talked about the shed coming and all the fun it will be putting it together…

So until tomorrow…enjoy the holiday…..


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