Monday…end of long weekend

Felt like Sunday all day to me….the end of Summer for many….for me, I can’t wait for winter….it was 69′ this morning on the back deck at 6am…I even wore a sweater…LOL

14192625_10207021847764662_7746014636056520762_n.jpg   6am – 68′  lovely morning….

It was a great day…I actually opened doors and windows all morning…got all the house work done before 8:30….a good workout I might add….LOL  got my sweat on!!!  Even in the cooler weather….coming in at 1185 calories…no eating after 5p tonight….spent part of the day helping a friend unpack boxes she brought back for her trip north…and getting ready for a yard sale…I walked away with a  good buy…a cast iron dutch oven and a clay nacho tray…pretty happy with my new kitchen additions…..

6c74e7729929f59cbbb9187c9b3f1bea    images

I spent an hour at the pool this afternoon, jogged 25 minutes, and swam the pool for a while, along with other exercise….I am meeting the trainer tomorrow….excited to have some help getting a routine down….I like to go in and get it down and then leave…no thinking, just focus on the moment and each exercise….no matter, I don’t think I will ever love to exercise….LOL

Not much else happening on this last weekend of summer, so they say…..

until tomorrow



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