Been a really nice day…..on track…food has been spot on, at 1200 calories tonight…feel good…just got back from 2 hours in the pool, spent the better part of the first hour jogging and exercising and a good 30 minutes stretching…I love how my flexibility I can get in the water…..almost feels like the younger me….then I get out…LOL  oh well it life…so really happy how this week is ending…not sure where the #’s will be in the morning….I did have a couple high calorie in take days….I don’t want to blame the poison, but man was I ever hungry when I finally came out of the stupor I was in….so its all good where it lands…as long as I am back at it…will hit the gym in the morning  and then be ready for the day…

The moon was beautiful last night…got my blast of full moon beams on…LOL….my phone just won’t take the beauty of it…so I will just have to tell you…it was spectacular as always….and gilled me with nothing but joy!!!

Took the day off from house work, yard work and any other kind of work related to this address…LOL   we took the truck for a spin…we ended up in Calexico, right on the border, never been there before, its about 40 miles west from us in California, then drove about 15 mile north of there to El Centro and had lunch…its a little town on I-8,  population around 43k….looked up a Thai restaurant, one of my favorite foods, they were closed up tight, huge chain & padlock  hanging from the doors, so the Olive Garden it was…LOL  it was nice to get out of town and just enjoy the day…

Hope your all enjoying the weekend wherever you are….

until tomorrow…




12 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. I missed the moon last night, but did see it the night before. And every time I see one, I always think of you my friend, your attitude, your smile (I know you have one) and your strength. Glad you and hubby took the truck out for a spin. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 🙂


    • Thanks Terry….I danced for you….sending moon beams to you….and yup, I can get an attitude…no one is going to get one by me…at least try…LOL I am mellowing with age…LOL always been a feminist…LOL nothing wrong with taking care of #1….I was a pretty mean protecting mama bear too!!! blowing you kisses, nope not doing that, stay away from hugs and kisses for this part…LOL sending you mental hugs and kisses….kat

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