Well up and at em’ early before the heat arrived….working on the sheds…will be happy when we are bac at sitting on the porch watching the sun rise….it was so funny when I stepped out the back door….a scene flew through my mind…the house that killed the wicked witch of the west has dropped into our back yard….LOL  I heard someone say, we’re not in Kansas anymore Dorothy…LOL   just a flash…its going to take some getting used to seeing a tiny house sitting in the back yard…..but I am so happy that my husband is getting what he wants in this world…he worked hard and deserves what his heart desires….in reason of course….LOL  however….we did get the little shed over half empty…whooo hoooo should have it totally empty in the morning….

Calorie total is close to 2000 tonight….on the high side….but I am pretty sure I worked off lots of calories, between sweating, carrying and dealing with boxes and boxes of stuff….we are sifting through 40 years worth of gathering by a very organized woman…LOL  I can’t believe how much she had….she didn’t have one hand saw, she has 16, she didn’t throw anything away….yes  I understand you never know when your going to need something, but really….more than 10 empty plastic coffee cans….more plastic do-dads and lots of what-ja-ma-callits and all that goes with them…LOL  anyway should have the the old shed empty tomorrow…whooo hoooo

just watched the Emmy’s…..not impressed with the show…happy for all the first time winners….

I leave you with pictures from Kalaloch National Park, the beach I walked as a child…

These pictures were taken by a friend that was there recently….makes me a little homesick…..I remember this tree way back when….it is still there, amazing….

Until tomorrow – have a fun Monday……


9 thoughts on “Sunday…..

  1. I skipped the Emmy’s this year. I’ll probably skip all award shows going forward. I lost my appetite for them. The photos are beautiful, Kat! And hold onto those hand saws, if you’re like me, you’ll misplace most of them. 😀


    • I enjoy seeing the actors win, by Jimmy Kimmel did a terrible job….it just reaffirmed that her really is an ass…sometimes funny but a true ass…LOL the saws are all hanging on a giant saw hook….LOL she was organized to perfection, just so much of everything….lol have a great week…kat

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