We woke up to rain in the desert!!!   I went out and sat on the deck at 5a and enjoyed the big drops that were falling here and there…went back to bed to wake up later to a full down pour….of course it doesn’t last long, but it was rain just the same….never go above 82′ nice and fresh…..currently 79′ out….yeah….so ready for cooler weather…Got up to achy joints, weather changes always reminds me I have arthritis ….oh hum the price I pay for cooler weather…

Had a great day…..1400 calories…..got a great work out in the back yard…moved 300 bricks that we laid a few months ago….the old shed is gone and clean up, and decide what were going to do with the back yard….we have lots of brick to relay….LOL  I am including some pictures of the day….

14355724_10207133845964547_5168143459074498233_n  Before…..then they had to finally cut the old metal shed in half to get it out…between the rotten bottom and the weight of the entire shed, it was impossible to lift …took  3 guys about 4 hours….then finally….


We had the view I have been dreaming of since we moved in here..forgive the yard…          its still in the cleaning stage….


So until tomorrow…..


14 thoughts on “Tuesday…..

  1. Rain must feel SO welcome. Even here in our drought I welcomed it with alacrity the day before yesterday. Of course here I might regret my eagerness when it decides to piddle for months as payback for the long dry summer! Your view is magnificent un impeded by that metal shed. Little by little you and your place are transforming 😊💫💫😊🌧☔️


    • yes…little by little….the only problem with rain in the desert the iar doesn’t smell fresh….it smells like wet sand….kinda musky and old….LOL not complaining, maybe whining a little…LOL but I will take the clouds and what little rain that hits the desert sand…..yes be careful for what you wish for, as your rain can turn into snow….!! Are you staying for the winter???

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