Oh – – Hummmm

Okay…life has been full of popcorn, and late night eating…why is the big question….but I am getting back up and getting back on the horse to health….hummmm hopefully someday I will figure out why I sabotage myself repeatedly…..oh frigin hum…..

I leave you with a few fun quotes from Facebook…….

14333760_1148651995181724_202467977620235903_nreally like this one, maybe I will lay on the deck and look at stars tonight…….


a good one to ponder over…..LOL  14317607_1149124351840369_3087625467434407172_n14344082_10153705658291058_3360896420260706393_n


It was the balloon festival in Montaque….northern Calif…..brother in law lives there..


I think I will make these, a smaller version than Sasquatch feet…LOL


Welcome to Fall….change of season….makes me crazy….until tomorrow


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