Woke up with mu husbands flu bug…..pretty hard way to loose weight…so no eating today….just drinking and getting through the hours as the virus works its way through me….no fever at least……

I leave you with more BS from Facebook….

14322475_1794506510764156_5704773595683277364_n14238229_1786967001518107_805619225588559011_n14199380_1785639111650896_1590572163916905328_n14063853_1784346361780171_7468546426508734657_n13934641_1775816139299860_1971858672324481530_n13932950_1779730142241793_3336860904978088345_n14102156_1782694351945372_2352308809459207222_n Doesn’t’ this look yummy…..

Have a great Sunday or Monday depending where you call home…..


16 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Hi Kat,
    Sorry to hear you’ve also succumbed to the flu. It’s a very exclusive club you know! Hope you are your husband are both getting through it. It wasn’t be real good for him…no that it’s good for anyone. I am still coughing quite a fair bit and have a routine appointment with my lung specialist tomorrow alobng with the usual lung function tests. Not looking forward to them with this repetitive barking cough.
    Not sure whether you’re up to this but I’ve nominated you for the three day quote challenge, thanking you for accepting me the way i am. My first quote comes from Jonathan Livingston Seagull and I know you’ll love it.
    Here’s a link to the details:
    xx Ro


  2. Oh no! Real flu stinks. The French call it la Grippe and it certainly does grip! I’ve got a mere cold with a very sore throat and you’d think I was a man the fuss I’ve been making!! Take good care and drink lots of whatever fluids you can bear. Love to you xx


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