Weight loss…..yippeee

Weigh day…down 3#’s ..I will take it….long week….never went over 1100 calories, tried keep it as close to 1000 as I could….so happy to see the scale go down…hard work pays off…whooo hoooo…..so on to the next week…I will keep it at the same calorie level, I was never once hungry, however my tummy did do some grumbling…so that was all a good thing…LOL  it should grumble more often…LOL  we did eat out twice last week…at a really yummy café, but I couldn’t every morsel, however it was really rich…never went over 1ooo that day, and made very smart choices…yesterday we went to the casino so hubby could try his luck…(came home $40 to the good) I had a vegie burger with a salad…so that was all good…..they have the best Columbian coffee in town…LOL, I take my own sugar so I don’t have to use Splenda….one of my favorite things at the casino…LOL I am not a gambler so I spend my time out in the lobby area watching the big screen tv or take my book and read….my hubby loves to play for about an hour and then hes had his fill…LOL  But back to my week….soooo happy with how it went, I got plenty of exercise in the back yard…thank goodness that little project has come to an end…

14485155_10207216017298779_6950717569774038701_n.jpg  Took this after the last brick and sand was swept in, but now the pots have been moved and we stated to pick up the little mess on the side of the building….so it is still changing….LOL  it will never be done…!!!  So I am heading back to the gym tomorrow….I am so done with the brick scene..LOL

I haven’t mentioned my arthritis lately…its here, it hurts and all I can do is get on with life….I don’t do anything that will comprise my joints..my hands or my health…but I am a hard worker….never under estimate my tenacity….and life goes on….

so until next time…..hope all those on the East Coast are battened down and ready for the hurricane….


7 thoughts on “Weight loss…..yippeee

  1. Woooooooot!!!! What a result and yes, hard work pays off every time. Sometimes its a little shy and takes a while to reveal itself but the scale will never lie and that work will always pay off. Hurricane Shcmurricane …. I’m a believer that it will blow itself out before it gets here. Yeah right!!

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