Down another pound…#1

Just one but I will take it and run….I have given up on making my goal by Jan 1st….putting way to much pressure on myself, I know it sounds foolish…but its true…I am just back at plodding away, 1 # at a time….Having a fantastic weekend….exercised in the pool the last couple days…with the cooler weather I can do it earlier in the day….makes for a nice evening at home…

The man cave…errr…cottage as I like to call it, can light up the night….electricity was added on Saturday and we spent the better half of the morning at Home Depot buying out the store…LOL  good to see hubby having fun…

Hope everyone has there lights back  on  at the east coast…and really glad the Hurricane Matthew….is now just a storm…that doesn’t sound any better but I am sure the east coast is glad too!!!!

I leave you with a few quotes I have been saving from Facebook…in no specific order or about anything special….first one is my favorite…I still laugh out load when I read it…



3 thoughts on “Down another pound…#1

  1. Glad you are having a fantastic weekend dear kat. Continue on your journey with no pressures sounds like a great idea. Glad to hear hubby is having a good time with the new project – look forward to seeing pictures. 🙂

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