Long last 3 days… wrist came down with gout again….oh my its painful….stops you in your tracks….weird….comes on almost immediately,  had very little warning….and leaves almost 48 hours later as quick as it came……..I did some research for natural cures/help and I  am going to start taking apple cider capsules since I cannot drink it….I made apple cider vinegarette…it is quite yummy….and I also did a jar of red onions in apple cider vinegar….some of my favorite ways to eat onions… hopefully this will help keep my uric acid crystals out of my system…also cutting all meat out….not that I eat a lot of it now, however I just read that chicken and turkey are higher in purine than beef, and I never eat beef….so going back to being a vegetarian, still eat my eggbeaters but no more flesh product…..the pain of gout is like nothing I have ever felt…woke me up in tears the first night…I need to get my stress in check…I like to think I don’t have any stress, however I fret about life inside…miss my kids…health issues in my husband…life BS in general…I think I will get back to meditating daily…stress is a trigger for gout, and I am pretty sure that is what is triggering mine….but the debilitating pain has subsided and left my wrist weak and tender, but I can use it and move it normally without  sharp pain…whoo hooo

I did not journal my calories for the few days I was dealing with pain…I must say they were high, but not over 2000….I was taking high doses of Ibuprofen there fore I was eating more…but yesterday and today I was came in under 1200 calories…haven’t been to the pool in several days…hopefully tomorrow…hopefully will be back at the gym by the weekend….after these attacks it leaves all my joints achy and swollen….so I don’t take any chances by over working already stressed out joints…

My heart is so sad for all those on the east coast and on the islands the hurricane hit….how sad…the hurricane, the rivers and levy’s….so sad….

I leave you with a couple pictures to bring a smile to your face……




34 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. I don’t suffer but have a friend (a very fit friend and a dietician ironically) who started getting gout at age 24. I know it is absolutely excruciating so I do hope the adjustments to your diet will do the trick and keep it at bay. Stress from missing the children etc etc I DO understand. I too like to think of myself as quite laid but that red dog (black dogs anxiety cousin – I just invented him) lurks and leaps out and has my symptoms rising and rising. Stress is all about what we can’t see and can’t control. I have no answers – only sympathy, empathy and hugs. The carnage on the East Coast is unimaginable. This country certainly knows how to self mutilate when the weather sets in …. 🇺🇸 💨 ⛈


    • Thanks love….yes…I like to think I am soooo laid back….however that f%$#king rebel inside (my red dog) has different thoughts….she won’t let go…LOL I am trying to meditate more and breath…all the advice I give others I am thinking I should give it a try….and yes….the hurricane/weather can really reek havoc…..feel so sad for those that had nothing before it hit, and now nothing for real….I saw a couple of orphaned kids on the TV…I just wanted to reach through and bring them into my arms….poor little things….so sad….hard to feel blessed when so many are suffering….hows the foot???? kat

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      • Its unthinkable what has happened … what a world it is – when we aren’t at the effect of war and other man made atrocities mother nature decides to kick in an reek havoc. Those with nothing are the hardest hit again and it breakers my heart. My leg is mending but it will take a long time. I’m here for an extra few weeks to fit in one more visit with the specialist and then I will fly away for a few months. Good luck taming your Red Dog – mine’s being a proper pain at the moment!! X


      • pretty sure our red dogs are what makes us spirit sisters…you take it easy on the leg!! give its fair shake to heal…I have a bum knee and it will never get better…arthritis is a frigin pain in the arse, well for me in the knee for one place to mention…hummmm really glad I don’t have it in my arse…LOL Where you flying off to…France, England..?? or somewhere else??? keep warm…kat

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      • I”m sure the dogs are the answer to that one! I will take it easy on the leg … I want the best chance of walking normally without a brace down the line so for once I’m being vaguely sensible. Arthritis is another league in pain I know. I do feel for you. I will be flying to England and then France with, hopefully a trip to Malaysia sandwiched in between to see my second daughter. We will be in France (but based in Grenoble rather than home) for 6 or 7 months and then it is back here to make a nuisance of myself again!


      • What fun…..but I am thinking that winter in Europe is just as bad as the East Coast winters??? and yes…be a good girl and do what the doc says about your leg….I can tell you its not fun when you loose you capability to walk far…jog, run, kneel, it really reeks havoc with your life in general….speaking of dogs…the neightbors have athe most neurotic pug I have ever encountered. Well the neighbors are a little off too….all he does is bark, bark, bark and oh yeah he barks some more…bones, talking to him nothing works…Maybe I should offer to take him for a walk….he is one of 6 little yellpers…however they stop after a minute of so….not Loki!!! can you tell I am fed up with barking…I bet Bean could teach him a lesson in etiquette!!!! My old dog used to look at me like…on no another crazy one….lol kat

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      • Grenoble is on the edge of the Alpes so yes but it seldom snows in the city itself which is in a bowl. HOpefully the best of both worlds. Its been a salutary lesson to me being as incapacitated as I have been – I can’t imagine never being able to do all those things. Really. I just can’t. The dog ….The Bean is highly intolerant of the dog on one side of us which looks like her but is about 3 – 4 times bigger. Its called Cous Cous and it simply is not looked after so it barks. All the time. She gets really pissy with it. I feel sorry for him actually but really? If you have a dog – train it, nurture it and make sure it isn’t a nuisance!


      • right there with you!! My border never barked ever…unless someone was trespassing…..then you better take notice…she was a good dog!!! I would love to go get another today…but in all reality its really nice to not have to worry about the dog at home….chika was 13 years…like raising a child….miss her….I am going to go check out Grenoble on google….kat

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      • Grenoble is a lovely place. I know a dog can be a tie but its a good tie. In time maybe Chika-2 should be a consideration. I had a labrador that never barked (except, bizarrely at hot air balloons) … still miss her and I can’t imagine life without The Bean but I will replace her. A dog is the greatest of companions – they ask so little, give back in spades 🙂


      • It’s one of my favourite places …. and like Oxford, its a city you can walk and a city full of academic and research establishments which gives it a personality which I recognise at some level whilst still be very French. The mountains are wonderful. Each range (les Vercro, les Belledonnes and les Chartreuse) have different personalities … I’m going to be in my element, I hope!


      • For me it is. The only downside is that in Summer it gets very uncomfortable – hot and sticky with a veil of smog caused by being trapped in its mountain ringed bowl!


      • so sad that every where has it down falls….no matter where I have lived that I thought it was paradise, there were always few months that made it hell!! guess that is where “take the good with the bad” comes from…LOL

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