Sunday….oh hummm

Well another weekend gone by…got the ocotillo hacked off….there was no digging it out…LOL  I am pretty sure its tap root reaches China… that was a good thing…took me 2 days and ended with a hatchet, saw, 2 different shovels and a metal crow bar…LOL  lots of sweat and tenacity….but I won with the help of my hubby…so glad that’s done…the man shed is almost done…just one more wall to put peg board up on and he can start to put stuff away…we will paint the outside in the next couple weeks…pretty sure we will never be done…LOL oh well keeps us young….last day of my week off….I have been good, I did have a goodie or two, but I needed the break from journaling everyday and counting every calorie…but will be back at it in the morning….went swimming yesterday….man I hate it when all the snow birds get here….there were 15 people in the pool floating around on noodles…aghhhh   I got there at 3p and by 4p I was alone….ahhhhhhh   so I got in a good workout…I did jog most the hour before they all left and tread water in the deep end, so I got a great leg work out…I will only go later in the afternoon or really early in the morning for here on it…just to miss them all… alls well in paradise…

Really nice to have my brother and his wife here…they ae getting organized and settled in for the next few months..

I had a craving for something pumpkin so I made pumpkin bread…taste more like ginger bread with nuts…its good…but its not satisfying my pumpkin need…so I will make pumpkin curry tomorrow….I have a small pie pumpkin will use it tomorrow….


I leave you with a few things I found on Facebook:




Until tomorrow…..


7 thoughts on “Sunday….oh hummm

  1. You’re right, the house work never ends… at least you seem to enjoy it. I laughed at your dissapointment with the pool “filled with people.” I can relate to non social exercising. It’s not so much a social activity that brings joy, but rather a physical activity that creates opportunity for improved function and better quality living.


    • yes, I may have an issue with socializing…never been big on it….would always rather sit by myself in my own thoughts….the pool is almost a joke when everyone is there telling big grand stories…sometimes I can’t help myself but call the old men out on there tales…LOL leaves em’ all stammerin….LOL makes it pleasurable at best….but most the time I avoid the crowds…have a fantastic week…cloudy here, threatening rain…but I don’t believe them…LOL


    • busy at doing nothing…LOL fighting with a giant ocotillo with really big thorns was a nice challenge…but here in the desert, once your yard is done, there’s not much else to do to it…going to have to find a new hobby other than reading…..enjoy your view….

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