The Black Cat Blue Sea Award


Thank you Elizabet for this award….If you have never visited her blog before, its a fun, caring blog….cloud walker….love the name and what it brings to your  mind when you say it out loud….please copy and paste her link and enjoy her blog…

Her questions are:

1) What inspired you to start your blog:

I needed somewhere to journal my feelings on loosing weight, getting back to a healthy place in my life,  and in all reality I didn’t even know the concept of blogging, I just thought this was somewhere I could write to myself…LOL  my beautiful daughter helped me learn how to use this site for communication….and know I am part of a large WordPress family….


2) What was your dream of life as a teen:

To be a concert pianist and play at all the big halls around the world…


3) Do you have any regrets:

I used to, always wondering how it would of been if only….but as I am aging, life is what we made of it, there are no take backs,  you can wallow in your what if’s  and be miserable or live in the here and now and make the future your  of  you wants, needs and desires…..its all in how you think.. .and look at life….what once was, is now!!

Thank you again Elizebet for the honor… everyone knows I do not nominate any one person for award, I give them to anyone who reads this and wants to join in, as your all worthy……




12 thoughts on “The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

  1. YOu richly deserve all the accolades and awards. YOurs is quite a story and you share it with such bare abandon (including the moon dancing) – and today I have learned a little more … you dreamed of being a concert pianist. Remind me to introduce you to a good friend of mine on FaceBook …. life has not been a bowl of cherries of him but his talent is quite inspiring. Love to you and now I’m off to check out Elizabet xx

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