Las Vegas

It all started at the Blue water Casino in Parker….we were in desperate need of a break sssfrom the man shed, life and really needed to get out of dodge for awhile….so we headed up north to the casino, about 100 miles away….it was a fun day….Colorado River running by in front, not a huge casino, and the day was comfortable to sit out and read in….


Well the husband won, not a lot but a small chuck of change for him….we got up the next day and had decided that we were going to head to Las Vegas on the following Monday, the itch to play had been planted..LOL.. I checked room rates and found them reasonable, we didn’t want to take the RV so we could stay in a hotel, something different…then the spark happened…why wait till next week…lets just go…so that’s what we did Tuesday morning…packed up in a flash and was off by 11a….  Pictures of Lake Havasue on the way there….the London Bridge is in this resort town….


The long straight road that goes on forever across the desert to Vegas !!


Colorado River


Las Vegas is about 5 hours away so we would be there by dinner….off we went…fought the traffic to Las Vegas Strip, finally parked and went in to Circus-Circus, my hubby’s favorite, we unknown to us there was a huge car convention going on all week in Vegas….the room rates were through the roof at all the Hotels…I mean 200+ per night for a normally 50$ dollar room….we won’t pay that price so we turned around and drove back to Laughlin Nevada, right on the Colorado river and they have a row of casinos on the river….


Its a fun little city….a mini Vegas….we will make better plans and go back to Las Vegas, I really want to go play on the strip…had fun…stayed at Harrah’s, not really impressed but it was fun…my husband had a great time playing the slots…we did not walk away millionaires….but we did have fun!!!

Got home this afternoon…was a wonderful drive back…sunny and blue skies…we were only home for a couple hours and the dust storm from the east hit…crazy how quick the weather can change….


November has snuck in and the count down to the holidays have officially started…The Cubs won the World Series, whoo hooo for them  we are so happy that we don’t have cable….we couldn’t believe how many political commercials there are on cable tv…..Yay for antennas…don’t get me wrong, we have political commercials but not like cable…LOL   just thought that was interesting…so I tired to eat healthy while away, however it was so easy to be tempted into the land of Cinnabon…Starbucks, and room service…LOL  so back at it….counting starts again tomorrow will rope my calories back wo 1200 cal and start a home exercise program…I will go back to blogging every day my progress as I find this really helps me get back in control…

…hope this finds everyone enjoying the November and the color of fall…till tomorrow




20 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. Oh, how I love the trips to Las Vegas, I need to do one of those soon – flying a course – driving would be a little too long for me. So glad you had an exciting adventure this past week – welcome back home kat. Happy Friday Dear! 🙂


  2. Impulse trips are always the best but I’l look forward to your planned Vegas foray in due course! Glad you are out and enjoying life. After all, so far as I know (and no-one has presented me with plausible evidence to the contrary) we get just one shot xx


  3. Spontaneity is a wonderful experience. Nice to be at a stage of life where we can pick up and go as desired. Glad the two of you enjoyed yourselves.

    Taking a brief break from regimented healthy living isn’t a bad idea either. It helps us reset and return in a more positive manner.


  4. HI Kat,
    Sounds like you had a great time in Vegas. No doubt there are a few omissions. After all, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”!
    NO fall colours here but I did head out into the backyard this morning to photograph our Jacaranda tree which is flowering at the moment:
    We have the air-con on tonight. It’s been quite hot.
    Yesterday’s highlight was that Lady got our, disappeared and returned out with dead animal smeared all over her back. Stench doesn’t even come close to describing that smell. Two washes later, she still wafts a bit.
    Hope you have a great week!


    • bummer about the dog….she probably just couldn’t pass up a good rotting carcus…LOL Chika always like the deer droppings….she was quite happy with herself when she came back smelling like poop!!! the tree is beautiful….so delicate…I wish there was something we left in Vegas…lol keep cool my friend…I just put another blanket on the bed here….cooler nights ahead….xxkat


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