Hard to believe its almost the weekend time again…been doing okay…I have been coming in around 1500 calories per day…. last night was more, I made a pumpkin pie….that will be the last one I make this year….I am addicted to pumpkin pie…I knew it was a bad thing to make, my husband dislike anything pumpkin…..well anyway, its yummy that’s for sure…I will do some detox tea and eat very lite today…made a nice vegie soup for today…windy and cool for us….and low in calories…LOL

The cotton gin is still processing cotton….still looks like smoke to me…but its cotton…just as bad this morning too…



Working in the back….hubby wanted to path to the back gate…I think he likes to play with the bricks….might go back to his childhood and building blocks…LOL  but it looks nice…



Tee full moon coming up over the mountains you see in the first picture… dancing for 2 nights…..certainly a beautiful moon…


more pictures of the moon…….moon over Pacific by Los Angeles


One of my favorite National Parks…Arches in Utah, not sure what state below this one, but for sure in the southwest…


Tucson, near Saguaro National Park


Until tomorrow…hope you all danced……kat


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  1. Beautiful photos with a lovely reminder about pumpkin pie. My mother used to make pumpkin cake for me when I was a little girl. Cake for breakfast – how awesome was that. Hang in there and have a great week.


  2. I love pumpkin! I bought a case of organic pumpkin at jet.com (so much cheaper than the store) and I put it in soups, etc. Now I make steel cut oatmeal and put in 1/2 can, with two teaspoons of sugar and spices. Or I’ll mix 1/2 can of pumpkin with Greek plain yogurt, granola, two teaspoons of sugar, and cinnamon and cloves. It’s so good!

    We haven’t chatted in eons. I stopped posting for awhile. But I just got some news from my third ortho surgeon, so I posted. ☺️


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