Good week beginning…..did a great hour workout in the pool…brrrr it was cold, no wonder I haven’t been there in a while….they claim its 86′ – no way!!! but stayed in and worked hard and then raced home to a hot shower…LOL  doing okay on the calorie front…came in at 1500 last night….little higher tonight…closer to 2000….but that’s okay…

Drove west yesterday….ended up in Calexico, right on the border of Mexico…second time we have been in that border town…decided to drive around town and check things out…I kept seeing a really old part of the town, tall buildings…so I headed  in that direction…LOL  it was Mexico…the big metal wall stopped us…LOL


The cars on the other side are actually in line to go through the border patrol to US…it was about 2 miles long..I couldn’t figure it out at first…duh!!!!  I am still laughing at the fact I kept looking for the opening…LOL  then it clicked!!!  anyway pretty interesting…I didn’t get a picture of the border patrol that were parked up and down the edge of the fence…we counted 7 trucks along the fence…I can hear the questions….not sure what the #10 means…LOL

Then we headed up into El Centro, still in Calif….Home of the Blue Angels, they are at NAF  Naval -Air-Facility. and I am sharing a picture of exactly how it is, there is a town and all the surrounding area is agricultural…amazing……and the middle of town is actually below sea level….LOL

images4leosay9images2fvk0vbeimagescz6usbko Until tomorrow…..enjoy the week……


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  1. Great to hear your week is going well kat and interesting information about the border fence. And those Blue Angels, they are there in their California home and away from here. I miss their weekly training sessions and the rumble of their engines. Stay well & happy! 🙂


    • I am sure they have any homes across the US they also use a base near Oakland Ca when they are doing shows up there….sure a great group of men and woman…keep dry…looking at our weather station here, Florida looks like its getting slammed……happy Tuesday….xxkat


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