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      • Good to hear you had a bit of a swirl. Amelia wants this for Christmas and I thought it might enhance your moon dancing! http://www.balletisfun.com/buy-turnboard/official-site I thought I could see how I go trying to pirouette on that thing myself but could see myself ending up in Emergency!
        I think I’ll be going into a coma this weekend, Kat. Had my hair cut and coloured today for Christmas. Lost 10 years! Feeling great.
        Hope you have a great weekend!
        xx Ro


      • I would be laying in the next bed to you in the ER…LOL pretty sure those are made foe young legs/knees….LOL but good thought….nice to loose 10 years in a couple hours….I colored mine and I look like used to years ago too!!!….my daughter told me shes not ready for an old mum….told her she doesn’t get to choose it, its really happening….the color makes me a faux mum….LOL hope your enjoying the weekend as your already there and I am on my way into Saturday….LOL


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