Oh MY!!

Got up and thought I would get on the scale….been trying to get it back in control, eating 1500 and less calories, and on a bad day keeping it under 2000 calories….anyway back to the scale…..I stepped on it and it registered 211#s  my heart actually stopped, I swear…LOL  so I got off and back on, same reading….I am thinking that can’t be right, that means I lost over 60#’s in less than a week….whooooo hooooo dancing in the moon beams really melts it off…..yay!!!  The magic is working….LOL  it doesn’t say the battery is low, so I head off to my husband, get on the scale please, lets see how much you weigh, well am I ever relieved, he came in at a whopping 1143.5#’s  LOL  so I am awaiting new batteries on the next outing….LOL  I haven’t had a jolt to my heart like that in a long time…LOL  I am still laughing at my reaction… So I am interpreting this little faux paus as look into the future when I do hit 211#’s…..can’t wait…..so I am totally hyped and excited about my future weight loss…..

We were up early and had a flat tire fixed on the truck….we got it done before the wind started blowing today, bad stuff flying in the air, we are under an air quality alert…so we are just hanging out….its always a good day to get caught up on the bills and correspondence….

Holiday is in full bloom in the desert, people have there cactus decorated, and I can’t believe how many put up outside lights…we are going to drive around next week and check out the neighborhoods….hope everyone is having a jolly holiday season…..



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