We made it…..

well we’re here….we had a great drive here, didn’t start to rain until we were close to San Francisco…we lucked out…the first of 3 wet rain storms blew thought the night before….brrrr its cold and raining….I know, quit whining…LOL  but we moved away from the cold weather…LOL  House looks great…we seem to have arrived upon electrical appliances quitting…we just replaced the old leaking garbage disposal, I ran the dishwasher (2 yrs old) last night and now it has decided it doesn’t want to drain…hummmm as we scratch our heads and watch u tube videos about it – we are no more closer than we were when we started…..LOL  and the roof has sprung a new leak…a very slow drip but enough to let us know…aghhhh..LOL  so we are busy needless to say…as my mother used to say, No rest for the wicked !….lol

These are pictures of the sunrise behind us leaving Arizona….the sky was beautiful….


then it broke over the mountain….it was a beautiful morning….


San Bernardino Mountains….they are crying for snow…this is nothing and its January…..


Coming down Tehachapi Pass above Bakersfield Calif., then we go over and hit I-5 then head north, this is the 1/2 way point….


Some of the first green on the hills coming down the pass….


Crossing the San Rafael bridge…about 35 miles to home  YAY…


The famous San Quentin prison below……


SO until later…hope everyone is back at it in the new year..


8 thoughts on “We made it…..

  1. I wish you a very happy Fête de Roi which is taken very seriously here in France and marks what I call Twelfth Night and the real start of the New Year after all the decorations are put to bed for another year. I’m glad your journey was a good one and I hope you get those pesky appliances fixed soon. Xx


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