Its Time….

Well, lets start with I am another year older.images11…almost a year and month, lol,  and I never Reached my goal of 2016..   :(((  I wanted to be under 200#’s……well lets say I am almost back at where I was 2 years ago….I could whine, cry and talk till I am blue on all the excuses/reasons why…but lets face it….its because I ate more and moved less….there are no excuses, no reasons why other than I just did it!!!!   Am I pissed…a little bit…am I kicking myself in the arse, yup!!!  but I have been here before and the only real thing to do is get back up, put on your big Girl panties, literally…LOL and start again….that is just what I have done!!!  I signed up at a new gym…




Snap Fitness it is less than 2 miles from my front door instead of 13 miles one way….not that I couldn’t drive that, but why when I have a gym right here…I have an appointment with a trainer on Wednesday at 4p…looking forward to that…and then I went and signed up at another gym that has the pool and hot tub..


its about 3 miles from my front door…the gym part of this place is very limited…that’s why I have signed up at Snap Fitness…lots of equipment….open 24/7


So very excited about this….I am starting to count my calories again…1000 to 1500 calories daily…gives me room to eat more or less….have cut out all white sugar, flour and high carb vegies for the first 2 weeks….mostly salad and vegies….oatmeal for breakfast with fruit, and I will add brown rice in after the first week….mostly I am eating broth with fresh veg and green salad….

So I am claiming this is the year I beat the 200# mark….I am going to try to post everyday as it helps me stay focused and stay on track…..




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