Well been a busy day…..started at Home Depot gathering stuff for the window and kitchen…then lunch at my husbands favorite casino and then best part of the day…we went and met with a trainer at Snap Fitness…they did a once over on our fitness level and a tour of the gym…it doesn’t have all the machines planet fitness does but I will give it a try certainly closer to home…we went 45 minutes early…I worked out on 6 machines…enough to make my body wonder what the hell we were doing…LOL  and my husband rode the bike for several miles…all good….they weighed us, I came in with a 4# weight loss in 9 days…so must be doing something correct…my husband was very positive about the gym…so I am hoping he keeps it up with me….I will be up at the pool in the morning….they open at 6a….I will go and get a good work out in and use the hot tub…..coming in at 1200 calories today…on track and focused…

Hasta la Pasta my friends…


10 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. That’s great that your hubby is going to the Gym with you …. there is nothing better than having a committed Gym Buddy – it is so much harder on your own! Well done on the 4# loss – that is really really good! Xx


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