Well its been a long wonderful 3 weeks with my sister and her daughter visiting…..My sisters’  “65” birthday happened while she was here…I am so excited she planned to come meet that huge step with us….my brother and his wife lives across the street so we were all together…..its been since my mom passes that we were together so it was very healing, to to mention fun!!!!  Her daughter flew in from the east to surprise her and we all pulled that off without her ever finding out…it had been a rough 5 months….my sister and I keep no secrets from each other…LOL  I haven’t laughed this hard and long in a very long time…we played pinochle until midnight everynight…it had been 40+ years since I played that card game…we all grew up playing that card game…it was fun…lots of laughs, wine and way to much food !!!

So know that my sister has flown home, it is back to getting my weight down….started today….fridge is full of fresh food and started my exercises….going to go back to planet fitness and rejoin….I was not impressed with Snap Fitness…there machines are so different and difficult to use…the weights seem to be much heavier than what I am used to, on one of the machines I can barely lift just the bar without weight, and I normally did 30 to 40#’s….I asked one of the trainers and she said it was normal for the machines to be different at all gyms.. REALLY ??  I thought 10#s was the same weight no matter what…I asked her how that could be? she told me she noticed that all the machines at a different Snap Fitness were different than the ones at the current gym…made me a little leery of using the machines…so I will go back to PF…..weather is starting to warm up a little so I will try to get back to the pool…

Well after we dropped my sister off at the airport in Phoenix at 7a, we headed 2 hours north to Sedona…what a beautiful place…..had to  look past the traffic and tourist, but I found my way up to the bottom of several of the huge red rocks…..we had fun…it was cold, foggy, and wet…we drove through rain, snow and sun…eventually gave up staying anywhere and made it home….long 12 hours….but saw some beautiful country….

16806837_10208368750516389_8792991565064638482_nThe sky most of the day…..


Sedona, city of Red Rocks…..16832097_10208368741076153_1521948266140364334_n16807538_10208368742636192_8609817850252206366_n16830646_10208368744556240_3068175518429187853_n16807146_10208368744076228_4103921286701992077_n

This is the view from the Chapel of the Holy Cross….the Chapel is beautiful….the tourist were over the top!!!!!


More red rocks….very beautiful…we will go back on a sunny day….



Going over Mingus Pass 7023’….it was 37′ at 1pm…LOL   no snow angels for us…


Then there was the little town of Jerome…..here’s a video off u-tube of driving through it….



Hope you enjoyed the pictures….if you are ever in Arizona I suggest Sedona…its beauty is beyond words….



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  1. So glad you had a wonderful time with your sister and her daughter – lots of memories made. Beautiful photos kat, the Chapel of the Holy Cross is amazing. Back to the routine now, hope everything else goes well for you – have a great week. 🙂


      • that’s fantastic…..its going to be in the 80’s here…however we have had over and inch of rain, doesn’t sound like much, but when the average rainfall is only 3″ and we got 1′ all at once…it was a lot of rain….the desert floor is all green….going to make for a colorful spring….California is getting slammed… drought is over by what I hear…glad your in the sunshine….

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  2. It’s always so good to see you! And I am delighted that you passed such happy time with your sister and that all of you were together for her birthday … great work keeping that surprise! Keep that fridge stocked with the fresh stuff and get back on the wagon of fitness …. you inspire, you really do! Xxx


    • Thanks…..and yes we laughed every day until midnight…wasn’t until 2 days before she was about to leave we had a little tiff….we laughed and said, wow it took almost 3 weeks to start snarling at each other…LOL we even slept in the same room together…my husband knew he was beat with 3 woman in the house, he moved out to the RV…declared it off limits…LOL I really miss her….but at least I have my brother across the street when I need a sibling hug……LOL


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