A little befuddled…..

Well I thought I would share a little pharmacy snafu with you all…I have been having troubles with a certain pharmacy, just subtle issues making me feel like I was loosing my mind…LOL  for example…..a few months ago I needed to refill my husbands antibiotics so I used the internet and ordered it online… I got a response thanking me for ordering the medication, it would be ready the following day…well a couple days went by and I forgot to go get them, so I drove by, they didn’t have them or did they have anything from the internet stating they received the request, I showed them my e-mail with the date and time, they only shrugged there shoulders and said they would fill it,  well I went back the next day, wasn’t ready…hummmm that’s odd…they would text me when its ready…2 more days go by, so I called them, they said that they had to fax the MD as the scrip has run out….hummmm that’s odd the scrip was for 6 refills, its a  scrip we keep on hand along with prednisone for his COPD, so, okay call the MD…well by know its been over a week…I call back, they refaxed the MD, and did this 2 more times, finally they told me the MD said he would not refill the scrip…they told me which MD they kept faxing so I called  the office and spoke with the nurse, she told me they never filled this specific medication, but they would do it as a curtesy as she knew us and we had an appointment the next month as we were traveling back home…I scratched my head and was wondering why they were faxing this specific med to the GP and not the specialist…oh well I got the pills and didn’t have to run to Mexico as by now hubby needed to start on them as his COPD had kicked in….so fast forward….we always take all prescriptions in hand, never called in as I keep copies of all scrip’s turned in….we  dropped them off, watched them get put into the system at the same time as we stood there…I came home and checked the on line site and wrote how many remaining refills we had…so far so good….called in for a refill…got it, it had the wrong MD written on it and stated Qty-60….hummmm  that’s odd how did that happen….well apparently according to a man at the counter with no name tag on, and  I asked to speak with a pharmacist,  said it had 60 pills, hummmm no its an inhaler, Oh then it has 60 puffs, hummmm no it states 30 inhalations….he responds the box states 60 blister packs that’s where we got it from….ok, whats that mean?  no reply, can you tell me what the 60 means?   no you will need to call the company of the medication…nice!!  and then I asked how the wrong MD got written on it…he said that was the name of the MD on the prescription…hummmm as I pulled out copies of al the prescriptions we turned in…he said those must be old…nope same ones I just turned in, see the date I wrote on here and the time and name of the gal who helped me…..oh he says…its because we didn’t know which MD it was, we couldn’t read the signature…okay, so where did you get the name of the MD on this scrip from….oh its the default MD on file….WTF   there is no such thing as a default MD on file…since we couldn’t read his signature that’s what we do…REALLY….this MD is not even in the same office as the MD on the label….SO all of a sudden at this moment the insane time I had with getting the antibiotics just became crystal clear….so the young man said they would fix it right away…..so I called in 4 hours, and the MD had not been changed….I spoke with the young man, he said it was impossible to change this as the scrip was no longer in the queue…sorry….unacceptable…so I called the home office….they had never heard of a default MD….they would look into it…I told them a good pharmacist would of called the MD’s office # on the prescription and ask which MD wrote that scrip or hey how about calling the client, they have my #…I would get a call in 48 hours with a response….well they called today, the manager of the store, he told me it was policy to use one of the MD’s in the same clinic if they couldn’t figure out the name….hummmm no they didn’t, these are 2 separate MD’s, one is a GP the other a specialist, no where near each other, separate offices,  he refused to listen and kept on with the same story….I finally gave up, he wasn’t having any other explanation, he did however tell me that there is no such thing as a default MD…..so be careful and keep a close eye on your prescriptions..and a closer one on your pharmacy…..

I am still shaking my head…..we have changed pharmacies but I will be keeping a close eye….

just had to share…..


23 thoughts on “A little befuddled…..

  1. WOW, crazy. I have never heard such an ordeal getting your prescriptions refilled. I hope in the end it all works out and hubby is getting what he needs. Hope you have a great weekend kat. 🙂


      • I entirely agree. Everyone is just going their own sweet way and so long as nothing gets in THEIR way they don’t give a stuff. I’m not sure where it ends and if I dwell on it I feel myself spiralling into despair.


      • All we can do is our best. All we do is to make sure that we are better people and that we don’t bend in the gale force winds of bitter change sweeping the planet. And we can bring our own up in love (we did that) and encourage and support then with their own children to have the right values of decency and care. My mother still tells endless stories of her own childhood and her mothers childhood. That history was the cloth that the tapestry of my own childhood was woven onto and in turn I wove my children’s onto the cloth that became of mine. History is so important, not just the big things but the little guys (us) and our own history re-telling it and divulging the values we were raised with and passing them on. Do that and you are doing all you can. xx


      • I agree, but I was taught to always go forward, make it better, try harder….here in the USA all I am hearing is remember when, and back in the 60’s it was like this…..I don’t want to go back to what didn’t work…..keeping the positive attitude and when I speak with my kids I remind them to smile and say positive things to all, they are good that way…LOL they are the ones reminding me to keep the frigin positive thought…LOL

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      • You are so right …. I say to people that keeping our eyes in the rear view mirror means we miss what’s around us and risk a collision down the road. We need to move forwards and make the best of what we have and we need to remember that people don’t always feel the same way we do for a multitude of reasons. What is working well for some at any time can be a time of immense strain and sadness for others. That, I believe was reflected in the voting last year and should be respected. What we need to do is join hands, link arms, put arms around one another and say on y va (let’s go) and get the hell on with moving on and making things better and being better people each and every one of us. But not you because you are pretty damned near perfect as you are my thoughtful, lovely friend xx


  2. OMG what a nightmare! Write a letter to the food and drug administration and let them know exactly whst took place with pharmacy! One tone CVS gave me a rx fir 90 mg for 1 mg for 90 days! Never used them again! xx


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