Day 2

Gym was great….my body rebelled…LOL  wondered where we were and what the heck was going on….certainly different than Snap Fitness…glad to  be  back at Planet Fitness….worked out on several of my favorite machines….got in my hundred crunches, but will need to slowly increase back up to the weights I was at….certainly going to be a haul….but I am up for the challenge…infact I miss the feeling I had when it all went to crap….so glad to be back on that wagon….last night after I wrote my post  I had to add another 400 calories to the pot….hummmm late night munching is going to be my biggest hurdle for sure….today I am at 2000 calories once again and over 800 was after my 6p cut off….I am thinking I will go back to the ole apple in the evening…its not that I ma hungry, I am hardly ever hungry….really hungry….but the thought I can’t eat in the evening sends me into a panic….crazy, but it does….I am going to work hard on this…

Beautiful day in Paradise, big white fluffy clouds and a nice breeze…..we are transitioning into warmer weather….won’t be long till I am dreaming of white fluffy clouds and a cool breeze…LOL   hope everyone is doing well, ad can see spring in the near future…..

after while – –  crocodiles


21 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. When the horses start to haul the wagon it is heavy and the progress is slow but as they gather pace and momentum it gets easier. So it is with your wagon. These first days are the worst days but stick with it and I agree with Cheryl – instead of nil by mouth after 6 as though you are going for surgery the next day, try taking a few less calories during the day and then take a few light snacks across the evening. Maybe draw a line later and bring it in my a few minutes each evening til you are comfortable with a time that you stop eating. As the exercise gets easier so the whole process will become your norm again and I’ll be right here cheering you on because I love my role as cheerleader (I’m not even American and I harbour a grudge that I never was one!!!). Xx


  2. Back on the wagon – enjoy the ride and remember the destination. I think cutting back the eating in the evening is most likely the most difficult. You can and will manage this kat, you have the will power and what it takes to achieve your goal. I am cheering you on my friend. 🙂


  3. I’ve been too trying to start gym and get fit. I have started a campaign of getting fit with me. Please do take time and give it a visit. Each and every suggestion is valuable to me as it is my first time. Btw, your blog gave me confidence of continuing it. Thanks!


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