Day 6

Was a good day yesterday and today…..yesterday was a busy day, cleaning inside and out….the yard had a little going on, weeds an so forth so that was nice to work outside….then later we went to a friends house for game night…also got to see a beautiful sunset

17098610_10208452380087076_2964215999976497984_n The cell phone does no justice to the colors…

good calorie days, yesterday came in over 1700calories and to at 13oo and I saved an apple for after 6p so it worked…I am feeling more relaxed and human since I started to take my new medication…I am sleeping over 7 hours at night, and waking up refreshed and ready to meet the world….YAY

Also yesterday I moved a few plants around, the weather is warming up into the 90’s next weekend and I know that the nasturtiums will wilt in that hear, they were having trouble with the high 70’s…so they are in the car port by the house..and very happy…


The snaps & pansies are moved to the south side of the yard so the won’t get the hot afternoon sun, they also may need to go under some shade but generally they can handle and like some heat…


Then I have a couple pots of petunias and I will leave them out in the sun…they should be okay…if not the can come join the others…LOL


Right out back we have a desert ready to burst with lilies, I found on Facebook so I thought I would share what ours will look like:

17021742_10213102419538430_4079932759452346245_n This one is from Anza Borrego State Park in California, its about 3 hours from here…its a beautiful place too….

We are excited for the spring to hit here…we have had lots of rain and I believe its going to be gorgeous….We are heading out to a place called Crystal Hill tomorrow to look for Hag Stones, I am hoping to come home with a bag full…its about an hour north of us and my brother  and SIL and their friends are coming too…we will make a morning out of it….

And least but not last…found this on FB…and I thought it fit …LOL

16998808_10154993273730070_439325750437334997_n Not that I am down, but if and when it happens, well I believe that’s just what I will do and of-course finish it with a twirl under the moon….

happy sunday


10 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. The flower pots are beautiful kat, reminds me of when we had our house in Dallas and a yard full of flowers – I miss it some. Glad you are feeling better and that Spring is on its way. Happy Sunday to you as well. 🙂


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