Day 7

Good calorie day….ended at 1200cal….tomorrow is weigh day, not feeling any weigh lost but we will go with what the scale says….did a lot of walking today….my knee is not real happy with me, but hey it was exercise…I will take it…..

Fun day…up early and out into the desert. a place called Crystal Hill…we had lots of fun…we went out to look for hag stones (stones with holes through them) found one, but many the had the starting of wholes,  maybe in a few thousand years and they will be ready….we collect some large stones for the yard, green, purples all different colors…we thought we were on land that you could collect a few rocks, apparently not, we were stopped but the fish and game guys and they made me throw all the rocks back…and took pictures of them, our license and license plates….he said he would not issue a ticket today (whew) as we thought it was BLM land and no doing anything wrong….apparently we were on US Fish and Wildlife area…Kofa….but we had fun and went on roads we had never traveled before…







These are similar to the rocks I was looking for….could resist the

little purple flower in the middle of the patch I was searching in…LOL


until tomorrow…..


15 thoughts on “Day 7

  1. You dirty rotten scoundrels stealing rocks in broad daylight! Never mind …. find the right place and it might be richer in the hags you seek 😉 xx. Bon courage with the weighing …. I’m betting you will be pleasantly surprised because you have been trying SO hard and doing SO well xxx


    • I Didn’t give up the only hag stone I found….it was nestled in the bottom of my door area…LOL I know to hide the good stuff…LOL years of driving with weed in the car…LOL and I did weigh not an ounce lost…I was on the high end of the calories all just cut back some more….no problem..I feel better that’s all that really counts…hope your having a good week…really I don’t see how you couldn’t, your wonderful to start with…xxxxkat

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  2. Never realized you and your husband had the potential of being hardened criminals. Have to change your names to Bonny and Clyde. (LOL)
    Glad to see the “health” routine is going well. I know how much you want the scales to change, but always keep in mind a healthier approach to life adds QUALITY to living (regardless of what the scale says!)


    • I try to remember that the scale isn’t what its about, however I did loose 13 pounds in 9 days….probably mostly water as we all know…but I am definitely feeling better…and my BP is way better so I think that its helping I am getting better sleep these days….and to get busted stealing rocks…LOL we didn’t even know we were stealing…LOL oh well we are still laughing over it….

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