Day one all over again…LOL

Since I am not good at blogging every day, lets see if I can get this right this time…..been a good day after a long night…up every 2 hours, why I am not sure…I think I went to bed to early….so not doing that again… calories a little high today…1800, need to get it back down…my battery is out on my scale so I did not weigh in this week…need to get back to the gym…so my mantra is   ‘get up and go” hopefully better sleep tonight and up and out the door to the gym first thing in morning….

Not much else happening here….until tomorrow


8 thoughts on “Day one all over again…LOL

  1. Well, I’m envious. I slept a few hours last night, woke up… then the brain started whirling around. Never did get back to sleep. Boy, do I need a nap! But I’m glad you got a good night’s rest.


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