Day Three….

Oh my….yesterday simple was spent reading a book I couldn’t put down….just a simple love story but it was so good, I read most of the day….out for a St. Patrick’s Day lunch and we had game night with my brother and another couple…played a new game to us, Hand & Foot…it was fun…but really all I cold think about was getting home to finish my book…LOL  simple things for simple minds……calories were at 1500 yesterday….today I am ending the day at 950 cal and I even got all my water in today…

Weather has been warm, near 100′ today and its early in the season… back down in the 80’s by Tuesday…so that will be a nice welcome….my flowers are having hear stroke…LOL

My friend Tia, over at  has suggested in her blog to use an app My Fitness Pal, I have been using Fat Secret and its working well….but MFP has more to it, so I am using both until I decide which one…so changing up  my routine, can’t hurt….I won’t pay for the premium on MFP, but I like the format of the basic just fine….call me frugal, but 10$  a month can be used elsewhere…got a good work out in this morning, 40 minutes of full out sweating….felt great…I did it at home…life is good in Paradise….fighting knee pain, but the weather is changing and I really need to get some weight off….so for now chemical pain relief is where I am at…feels better since I worked out and then I went for a good walk around Walmart for over an hour this afternoon….the pocket book is missing a few bucks but the fridge is full again…LOL and I got a couple pars of work out paints…so all’ good….

Sunday is quickly approaching…..happy weekend to all……


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