Drove to San Luis on the border of Mexico today, the Rabbit Bush brightens up the side of the road…we have a favorite Mexican grocery store there we like to shop at once a month or so….nice drive, its only about 20 miles from our house….


Seems like a picked up a virus…just feel off…so heading to bed…..happy Sunday night…


24 thoughts on “19

      • I throw up if I take vitamins on an empty tummy … I’m sure someone clever could explain to me why but I, being a bear of small brain, sometimes forget until it’s too late …🤢


      • Got that ma’am and happy to oblige though I fear that however much I lie down and chain myself to metaphorical tracks to try and slow down the train she’ll just keep on relentlessly picking up speed …. funny how we wish ourselves older as children and teens, ignore the signs in our twenties and thirties, think we have it all under control in our forties and then all of a sudden we are in our fifties, sixties and hopefully beyond and we realise that it all happened in a blink of an eye and we wish we were back at least in our twenties and often, in my case, much younger still!


      • How true…it must be weighing heavy on my mind as I have been dreaming about years past….my babies first time in my arms…my mum and dad when I was young…leaves me in turmoil all day….you would think I awake with sugar plums dancing all through my mind, but I am having quit the opposite reaction…LOL no worries though…glad for the memories no matter how they leave me feeling…

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      • I think those big 0 birthdays have a habit of taking the past up and disturbing us with the reminder of how much is past and therefore how little might be future. I sailed through them all til I was 48 and started obdessi g about impending 50-Dom until my eldest daughter called me into check saying I started every conversation with my age (true) or how long am.ist to the minute til the 5.0 (also true) … that pressed reset for me and I’ve been cruising since but who knows what will happen when 60 is even closer ….. 😨


      • I did okay till I hit 60….it was like WTF how did I get here already….LOL but the anxiety is getting better..I am a realist at heart and it is what it is…..so I am making the best of it…..can’t wait to see how I freak out at 70….LOL then I will be happy to hit 80+ LOL

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      • Take heart from my mother and Aunt (by marriage to my dad’s brother so they are sisters-in-law not blood) who at nearing 70 decided they really were old enough to stop treading on anyone’s eggshells and could do say and dress as they please …. they are reminiscent of Maggie Smith and Judi Dench when together and it makes me think it can’t be all bad!! 👿…. so you and I can do the same and be an elderly moondancing Thelma and Louise!!!! 🌕👢👗👒💄


      • I am in….and no one has ever dictated how I could dress…LOL I have worn clogs since grade school….it about drove my mum mad but that is all I would put on…I did have a pair of sadle shoes for a time…nice and comfy and I had to have tennis shoes for PE in school, against my will of course…thank goodness I never went to a private school with a dress code….I would of went mad…..I am early bohemian at best….LOL

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