I give up on the day…LOL

Sooooo…..we have been to San Diego, I needed an ocean fix….what a beautiful place….however the 1.3+ million people who live there were a little overwhelming….last time I was in San Diego was years ago…I was expecting  a quaint little city….my head was in the past for sure…however, it is a beautiful city…clean, what plants and trees they have and then lest talk about the ocean….blue, white waves, flat as a pancake…smell of the sea….ahhhhhh   I was in my zen place…LOL  we took the RV and stayed at the Del Mar fairgrounds….it was only 1/2 mile from the beach, plus it was quiet and off the beaten path…yay…..we had lunch at an old Italian restaurant in Little Italy, in old town, down town the city….we were lucky to find a place to park…sooooo many cars, and people…it was a little  claustrophobic for my husband..but he was a good sport…. we were going to stay for a few days, but we woke up this morning to heavy fog and change of rain…we all know how the damp weather affects the lungs…so we hightailed it back to the sun….only to find a wind storm and some rain…LOL  but much warmer weather…. I am happy to know that the ocean is just 3 hours away…I may have to go alone…LOL  but its close…I have been working at keeping my calories at 1500 to 2000…..life is good in Paradise…were starting to plan our summer trips, getting excited about visiting some of our favorite spots….finger crossed there are no fires this summer….

I leave you with some photos…love these rocks on the beginning of the pass going West…


This is the ocean we were near….


we visited Cabrillo Monument – National Park….beauty and sadness all in a very small patch of land on the ocean….

Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo was an explorer and conquistador; first explorer from Europe to set foot on the West Coast of America


Loma Lighthouse on Point Loma, built in 1855 right after  admitting California to the Union…it is #355 of the all the lighthouses built in the USA. what a view from here….(this picture if from the internet, mine didn’t turn out)  and here’s a view of San Diego from there, sorry about the picture, cell camera…and some of the other side of the island…



And of Course….our fallen soldiers….this is just a small amount of sites at Fort Rosecran National Cemetery,  ( http://www.cem.va.gov/cems/nchp/ftrosecrans.asp)   this is on the way to Point Loma lighthouse and Cabrillo Monument, a very sobering drive, I added the website if your interested to read about who lies here…..there are over 5000 crosses and they are still accepting request…it took my breath away…..


And then there was Little Italy…I felt I was in Little Italy in San Francisco’s North Beach…


Glad to be home……


15 thoughts on “I give up on the day…LOL

  1. What a beautiful day you had (even though you did have to share it with 1.3 million others. My grandmother adored San Diego – I guess she’d be pretty shocked now … I think she last visited in about 1968!


    • she wouldn’t believe how metropolitan it has becaome….no longer a little beach town…..its a beautiful city, so clean and the plants are out of this world gorgeous….even the ones growing up out of the sidewalks…LOL succulents to make your head spin…lol

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  2. As two Ocean chicks Kat I can so relate-everyday out in my back yard is the Atlantic-It has a way of always putting everything into perspective for me. Living Oceanfront (my entire life) is just something I never take for granted and I absolutely adore it. The smell, the ocean breeze, the sand, surf, etc. I get it! Glad you went for your Ocean Fix!!! x


    • I knew you would…..I lived on the Pacific most of my childhood life, up until I was in 9th grade…but then it was only a short drive to it…(20 min) 3 hours isn’t so bad….its just all the frigin people that I hate…the beaches are packed even on a Tuesday morning…no where to park or just pull over to look at it….if I keep going back I am sure I will find the perfect spot….I really miss it….kat

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