Weekend over….alls well in Paradise….been busy working around the house working up a good sweat….cleaning windows inside and out, mucking out the sand for another season…LoL  yesterday spent the morning getting the pots emptied and the last of the nasturtiums out to dry for seeds for next year and move things out of the hot sun…you know so they won’t rot… a really good sweat on yesterday….so workout in for the weekend…LOL   my calories have been under 1200 since Friday so feeling good about that…bought some navel oranges that are soooo sweet I can’t stop eating them….thank goodness they are low in calories…LOL

The cactus are starting to bloom so I will share a few with you….

this one is from my yard… new barrel it about the sixe of a grapefruit17499572_10208644526530617_7736565043887121926_n

This is my brothers Santa Rita, there’s a little bee tucked in the middle gathering nectar, the next picture in the other side of the plant…


Mr. Hedge Hog…this one is new too…at my brothers


this is the size of a grapefruit …..its a type of column cactus…there are so many names I have no idea, what hers is, but she will grow tall like a column…


the blooms are so delicate and beautiful….its crazy if you think about it….spiny and pokey but the beauty they can produce….amazing!!!

Welcome to  the new week……xx


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