Just another day…..

Doing well in windy paradise…seems like we are in the middle of many storms passing west to east and we get the highs and lows in wind…..so hanging out inside, cleaned out a couple closets, beat my hubby n a card game….better let him win so he will want to play some more…LOL  polishing off a couple books that I had going….hopefully we will be back to normal weather coming this weekend…..

I had my labs done since I started my new medication, alls well….I need to step up my protein intake so I am journaling it daily and trying to get to 40+ grams daily…so I am reaching that daily with beans/legumes, eggbeaters and cheese…yay….so I am feeling better about that…my MD said I was doing well…just continue to keep loosing weight, exercising and being aware of my diet….so I am doing okay…I could exercise more… I am still journaling my calories, keeping it under 1500 most days, I did hit 2000 one day, but mainly 1200 or less….so feeling good about that…downloaded an app to remind me to drink more water…and trying to get away from caffeine…I seem to drink ice coffees all day…my favorite…LOL in the summer I buy decaf and make a pot for the fridge as I love ice coffee.  I am trying to get back to drinking more water and only coffee in the morning…maybe a cup of tea in the evening…. so working on life and my journey to health….I am sleeping so much better since my BP is lower…life seems to be back on an even keel…hearing my heart beat in my ears is gone and I haven’t woke up to a speedy heartrate….

Mu arthritis is here and there depending on the weather lows and highs….I have to say I felt so much better at less weight..duh, that’s a no brainer so I really need to work hard and get back at it….I just mailed all my ” big girl clothes” to lady who needed them….so they are gone….I have only what hangs in my closet, I will not buy another plus size item!!!!

Focused and trying, that’s it for today…..



17 thoughts on “Just another day…..

  1. It is a disconcerting feeling when you keep on buying a bigger size. I stopped doing that! With mom driving me crazy I put on a few pounds. It’s going to be hard to take off but will try this Spring. Feel better, thinking of you xx


  2. Don’t blow away in all those storms! I confess I had to Google egg beater – I assumed it was a whisk used to beat eggs! You live and learn. I’m glad you’re feeling better on a healthier diet. It’s something I’ve had to do recently too. I’m on day 37 without sugar (oh chocolate, where art thou!?), and I feel so much better for it.


    • we are so spoiled when it comes to eating…at least I am….I don’ eat a lot of meat, in fact when I lived alone I never bought it…and I prefer not to eat real eggs….good job, day 37….xxkat


  3. Glad to hear you’re feeling better, sounds like you’re doing great! I love iced coffees too 🙂 But yes, lots of water is so good for you. I always have a cup of ice water with me. I like to add lemon slices or other fruit to help keep it interesting. Have a great week ahead, hope it’s not too windy!


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