Where did the winter go…spring is here…summer right around the corner….life is good…staying at 1200 to 1500 calories daily….getting some exercise in around the house and outside getting ready for the hot months….life is good…

we went for a couple drives this weekend…Saturday we drove to a little town, very little called Quartzite..an hour away….perfect to go over and have lunch and then drive home…a beautiful day….lots of wind and bugs but the drive over and back was lovely…

a beautiful ocotillo against the spring sky….right off the road…


The Dome and Little Thumb in the back….this was a pull off along the way…about 20 miles from home…


Pause, Rest, Worship   a little church that a husband built in memory of his wife in 1955…I didn’t mean to cut off the top….worth a look at on u-tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ms9ErILCYus


And on Sunday, we drove about 40 miles from home East to a little hill called Texas Hill

from Wikipedia:

In 1849, during the beginning of the California Gold Rush, 49ers followed the Southern Immigrant Trail west to California along the Gila River Valley. Some of the main 49er routes from the eastern United States to the route through New Mexico Territory that passes Texas Hill, was through Texas and some of the earliest 49ers to reach California came from Texas…

Another beautiful day…..this area has petroglyphs from the Indians that used this little hill as a sacred site…very interesting….the black rocks that you see in the picture are  sunburnt from the sun, they contain a mineral that causes them to turn black, the bottoms are red….


Above is what is left of some of the petroglyphs left by the Indians…so sad that some are coming out here and using the rocks as a shooting gallery…..this was just one place I found full of bullet casings….the are using the petroglyphs as targets


Someone chose this sacred spot to use as a memorial to there loved one…


These are Salt Cedar trees….they bloom a purple/pink color….they grow along the canals and rivers….there is a canal right behind them filled from the Gila River


Mohawk Valley is the name of this area…our home is on the other side of the mountains you see in the distance, actually there is another Valley on the other side called Dome Valley and there is yet another ridge of hills, called the Chocolate Mountains and we live on the other side of them……..this wheat (some type of cow feed) is right in front of the Texas Hill, agricultural fields everywhere we look…

Lots to see and many, many miles of roads to travel…..

Hope your all enjoying the week….


14 thoughts on “April……

  1. Kat it is great to hear you sounding so much more upbeat and positive…. that alone out a smile on face. And thank you for this fascinating excursion … I looked at the Tiny Church on YouTube. What a beautiful act of devotion to his lost wife. And those rocks…. sunburned! Who knew? Not me. Shoot the shooters by the way …. deplorable 😢


    • Yes the little church reeks of love and devotion when you sit inside….I love what it stands for….its really just out in the middle of the fields…LOL someone lives just down from it, but still all out in the fields….yes, I didn’t believe the rocks were sunburnt either…thought my brother was pulling my leg…but sure enough they are…gets mighty hot sitting out in the blazing sun day after day, year after year…LOL

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  2. Nice and interesting trip, Kat 🙂
    Indian petroglyphs! How cool is that? 😀
    We have Celtic petroglyphs but we don´t take care of them either.
    Big hugs, David


  3. I love taking day trips like this. I need to get out and start exploring again. Your photos are great. That’s really sad that people are using the petroglyphs as target practice! If there was only a way for them to be protected.


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