Well I have to share with you all….only because I am laughing about it as it keeps happening…..apparently living in a region where older people come to vacation (snow birders) in the winter to keep warm….great idea…we are doing it ourselves…LOL  however in the last 2 weeks I have been approached by more “older” men than I can ever remember…..LOL   At the local store they were having a great sale on men’s shorts….so I was there looking for my sweethearts size and a man walks up, I look up, smile, but continue to search…he engages in conversation, first just a comment on the weather, then he got more personal…I finally say I need to focus I am buy for my husband, 2 more older gentlemen walk up and try to get in on the conversation….I am thinking what is going on….have men looked at me before of course, but never flocked and then stayed to talk…..so I say goodbye to them all and leave….in a couple days I needed to go to the bank….first he opened the door….I passed through and said thank you, always nice to see chivalry isn’t dead….I was in line to use the ATM machine out in the lobby….he was behind me, first it was about the weather….okay, yep its windy….then it was a step closer and a compliment on my perfume….really….thanks…I step out of the closeness and turn my back on him….next thing I know he’s standing so close behind me I can hear him breathing….what is up…we are the only 2 in the lobby….no need to crowd…I did my banking went to leave he jumped in front of me, well not jump but stepped quickly so he could open the door for me to leave….and with his kindest try, he asked if I was up to a cup of coffee….sorry buddy, married but thanks….out the door I scooted and never looked back….what was going on….did someone put  something in the water or are there just that many lonely men down here looking for a companion….pretty sad….then I was in the UPS store….mind you my husband was right there in the car…a man was standing on the side walk to the side of where I parked….he stepped over and greeted me in a normal way….I said hello…and yep, the weather is great in paradise…LOL  went in to the UPS store and did what I needed to do, came out and there he was standing there…said hi to me and wanted to start up a little chat, I said gotta go…and got in the car…told my husband what the hell is going on….he said well they are lonely old men and you look like someone who would be kind fun to snuggle with…LOL  I told him I still have it…LOL  at least I am not feeling like a cougar…..LOL  just thought I would share a bit of humor that’s been happening to me…

Great day…coming in at 1097 calories today… trying to keep my protein in check and finished the day at 34gr better than other days….yesterday I ended the day at 1462cal and 80gr of protein…cheese, Greek yogurt, ham helped….exercised 40 minutes today…got a great sweat going….and then did light exercise for another 30 minutes….felt great…




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  1. Kat you cougar cat! This made me absolutely screech with laughter. And I am not surprised because you are a helluva gorgeous woman even if you don’t always realise it. I’m a little sad for these men though … could we start a desert dating agency for the older single? I think this idea has legs. I am relying on you but really – our fortune could be in this cookie xxx


  2. Bahaha-I laughed at this til I almost peed my pants Kat! It is a shame so many lonely men out there-you’d think you were in Alaska where the men to women ratio is off the wall? Down here the widows/widowers usually find one another through Senior Centers, etc. I imagine the same thing happens here in Florida too. YOU are one HOT Tamale chick! x


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