Well recuperating from a whirlwind visit….my son in a true adventurer…LOL on Friday we drove him all around the area on blacktop roads…LOL and the Marine base was in full swing, lots of planes and tanks doing there thing…. so my son was able to get to see some action let alone hear it….anyone who lives near a military base knows what I am talking about…..Saturday just him and I took the truck and headed out to the desert….we spent about 6 hours out in the desert, we drove way out behind the Dome and saw so much beauty….it really was breath taking….I was happy he was able to see the desert in bloom…then we went to Muggins Mountain and he climbed to the top…3 hours later he trekked back to the truck…I passed on that little adventure…let alone my body, I just don’t have that in me anymore…way to rugged….but he was so amazed at the beauty, the difference that the desert offers just miles apart….I was floating on a cloud….so nice to get to spend some time with my son….lots of laughing, crying (happy tears) and some heart to hearts thrown in here and there….he left early on Sunday to head to LA to hit a couple eateries and then back up I-5 to home…

Here are a few pictures from his visit….

On the way to the Dome we were able to get really close to the huge balloon we call “Big Brother”  copied from internet: The primary mission is to provide low-level radar surveillance along the southwest border of the United States and Mexico. Tethered Aerostat Radar System ….we can see it from our back yard…..it was suppose to be windy so it was tied down….


The Dome….back in the day there was a mine that they got lead from to help in the wars…pretty interesting…this was called Castle Dome City very interesting..we drove around to the back on the left side….pretty crazy road…but slow and steady we got through it….


This is a Teddy Bear Cholla….just ready to bust with blooms…17862696_10208764761576418_1618440094341091376_n

Took this on the back side….it was still so green and beautiful…17800454_10208764761776423_1945017138738631693_n

I stopped right beside this old man….he is as tall as he looks….maybe 20 to 25′


This is good part of the road….LOL the Dome was on the right side of us kinda behind us.


Then we came back by one of the bases….they have a museum…

Then we headed back by Mittry Lake, it part of the Colorado River….







After lunch we headed to Muggins Mountain….it only stands around 500′  – this the one he climbed to the top….well as close as he could get in the wind….LOL


We had a wonderful visit….I certainly know I cannot keep up with the young-ins anymore….LOL

So I have nothing good to say about my calories….or my journey to better health…lets just say I am working on it….slowly….very slowly…..

until tomorrow…


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  1. kat, I am very excited about your time spent with your son – what a joy. I know it means a great deal to you to be with those precious kids. The photos are amazing – I am wishing you a wonderful week. 🙂

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  2. Love the photos, I have never been near a military base before! There is some sort of base near Vegas and my husband and I see strange UFO looking lights near there! lol… hopefully you don’t see things like that near you 😉


  3. Wow, the landscape is so beautiful (and alien!). We live under the flight path between two local military bases and it can get very noisy. Some amazing sights too – chinooks hoisting vehicles, gunship helicopters… I marvel at it, and worry about the sense of destruction at the same time. The boat shakes with the vibration of the blades as they pass really low overhead. One time they were so low I thought they were about to crash into our boat!


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