You would think I have been extremely busy as its been 4 days since I have posted…hummmm not really….getting the yard cleaned up for the heat that’s pushing us….suppose to be in the 100’s this weekend….the first 3 digits of the summer….so we all know its coming…so might was well get a handle on the yard before you can’t touch anything….LOL

Calories have been between 1200 to 2000  seems like the night eating is winning….tonight I am at 1300 cal and closed up t he kitchen at 5p….so all s good….set my alarm for 7a and heading to the pool before the UV rays get above 4…can’t wait…most of the snow birds have flown the coop so life is sooooo much better….not that I am complaining…we all little…there are just so many of them all at once and the attitude of self righteousness is really a bit much to swallow….so I am sorry to anyone I have offended but its the truth….again sorry……

My husband broke a molar so we have been at the dentist….going back to get it pulled tomorrow…poor guy…..

We are making MD appointments and getting roofers lines up for the first couple weeks in June….we are heading that way around the 27th of May….going to take a few jaunts here and there through out the summer…we will come back and check in here and then be off again….not sure which way the wind is going to blow us, but really looking forward to seeing some new parts of the states…..hopefully we will make it to the East coast too!!  My brother and his wife will be gone on Friday….they are part of the snow birders….they used to stay out on BLM land for over 30 years and then finally bought a place here…but the literally drive from border to border….Yuma is only a few miles from Mexico and their house in Washington is 7 miles from Canada…so will miss them….but we are hoping to stop by there place this summer at some point…the last few times we were headed in that direction wild fires kept us from going…

No new pictures….hope everyone is enjoying spring….later



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  1. Seems all is going well for you kat. With us being here in Tampa in the RV park, I totally understand what you mean about the attitude of self righteousness snow birders. Most of them are gone, with more leaving on a daily basis. Enjoy life dear, it is good to hear from you. 🙂


    • I understand the impact they have on the town here….they are the livelihood of many a small business…..but they could learn to be a bit more humble and perhaps get better road etiquette…hope alls going well for you…xxxkat

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