Where does the time go???

Seems like it was just April 1st…..its the 25th already….spring in really zipping right by….

We have been busy getting it all together here for the heat…and we are leaving in a few weeks…I have the freezer under control…rather cleaned out…LOL….we have been eating whatever is getting thawed out….LOL  kinda like a surprise meal, I never label anything, thinking I can remember what I throw in there…LOL  so far its been yummy…..LOL  made the hubby a new quilt for the RV out of material that has campers on it….we are tired of hauling everything in and out again, so we are buying duplicates of kitchen items….something I have been fighting against doing for year…why?  I have no idea…LOL  so that’s been fun…I love to stock up the RV for easy, peasy care….especially since I am the cook and bottle washer…LOL

As far as eating…well I am having a love/hate relationship with my rebel….she’s such a night owl….loves to come out and irritate me late at night….I haven’t been on a scale in weeks…. I am very doubtful that it is a positive number I would be looking at.!!!  But then it is what it is and all I can do it carry on….seems like I am on a hamster wheel, going nowhere fast..I have been finding myself looking for the quick fix, catching myself falling back in my old ways….infact I noticed Weight Watchers was free to join, I am not kidding you, my heart rate raised, I was getting excited thinking about joining….then I remembered, oh wait…been there, done that…didn’t fix anything….along with I am catching myself looking and actually ordering books, I just got the Belly Diet by Travis Stork MD off of TV….WTF am I doing….I did order Dr. Gundreys diet revelation….it is an interesting read…not sure I am going to add any more minerals or herbs to my regime at this time, but I will go back and visit this book….I have also orderd the Good Gut Diet by Gerard Mullin MD, I reviewed and it looked like it might give me some insight to my gut…..and I know your all asking, we thought you knew what you were doing…..well..I.do know what I need to do…of course I do…sometimes its just easier said then doing…..I mentally count the calories of everything I put past my lips…I will get back to journaling, that does help keep you on track and focused……trying to eat healthy, real food….I am really on a salad kick….I am loving the Kale and cabbage bags of salad…I add lots of other yummies to them including fruit, some chicken, spinach, nuts and cheese…..we have been getting wonderful cauliflower and asparagus along with some great oranges….sweet and juicy….so lots of vegies and yogurt and fruit salads…..I feel good….lots of energy….I have been working out at home…I have my weights and have a 15 minutes morning routing I have started….I have made it easy enough for me to do in the RV….so there shouldn’t be any problem getting it done…after all, 15 minutes a day to start with is almost pathetic…but its a start…..really excited to be heading back to California…I am going to go to my old gym and get some workouts in…they are open 24 hours so it will work…and the pool is at the gym….hard to believe the in the desert, the major gyms including the YMCA do not have pools…crazy….

We are going for a long drive tomorrow in the RV as we had a censor changed today and they want us to drive it to make sure its what they thought it was….so I am looking forward to a day trip…..the cactus are blooming here and there so I hope to get some pictures……

Alls good down here in Paradise…..kat


13 thoughts on “Where does the time go???

  1. Lovely to see you …. I’m so sorry for my absence. Family staying and feeling not so good in myself. That old devil called anxiety rearing its whinnying head. You and I need to join hands across the ocean and remind ourselves that we are dong really well even if there are lapses in our goals whatever those goals may be. I send you love and a broom to beat that devil girl on the head with when she comes out dancing and prancing at night. Moonlight is for you to dance under, not her!! X


    • Thanks love….I have grabbed the broom and will carry it close to me….I will get the bitch when she least expects it…lol….hope your doing well…go out and have a little dance in the moon light and give the ole nasty anxiety to it…..I promise it will take it away in its moon beams….and remember clothes are optional….very liberating to do it in the nude or somewhat…..LOL sending you hugs and love…and don’t let go of the hand holding…xxxxxxkat

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  2. As you prepare for heat, we’ve had thundersnow in Oxford. Who even knew thundersnow was a thing? I keep singing it to AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.
    I struggle with my diet too as I’m not supposed to have any added sugar so we’ve been on a salad and fruit and yoghurt kick too. Still miss cake and chocolate though!
    Hope you had a good trip in the RV. Xx


    • I love salads and really love a good aged balsamic…I had a pomegranate one and it was exceptional….I don’t eat any type of seafood….exception of tuna maybe once a year….just never learned to like the flavor….

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