I believe we are getting a look at summer….however by Monday they are promising us mid 70’s…..and maybe a thunder storm…..I will believe it when I see it….

I hit the pool yesterday evening….so refreshing….2 hours later I had a good hour of water aerobic exercise in and was completely exhausted and felt like a million bucks…LOL  my knee and ankles are wondering what happen…LOL  I skipped today and will be back in the morning before the UV rays get high….

life is good…we are slowly getting the RV packed and getting ready to head back to California….I think we will spend a few days camping on the way…we don’t have to be there until the 30th….so Joshua Tree and Red Canyon National Park are on the agenda….then maybe a night on the Sacramento River…kinda blowin in the wind as we head that way…I am ready for a change of scenery…LOl and see my kids…

We are going to bust out of here tomorrow…..only suppose to be 103′ tomorrow…LOL dry heat is not had to handle, I couldn’t live in the East with all the moisture in the air….all I did was sweat when we were in New Orleans, so at least we have very low humidity here…not sure where we are headed but hanging in the house staying out of the sun gets old real fast….



We did get a huge plastic owl up on a pole by the antenna to keep the doves off of it….the seem to leave quite a bit behind and it was getting old cleaning it up….so far it has worked perfectly….

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week….weekend is just around the corner….



7 thoughts on “105′

  1. We are in the throws of a second winter here …. the old lady who lives opposite our renovation house predicted it a month ago with a growly ‘winter isn’t over yet’ and we smiled and laughed and made a mental note that she is losing her marbles because at the time it was in the high 70s and rising. On Thursday we drove through a blizzard and on Sunday we had more snow on the mountains than we have seen since February. I will close my eyes and imagine your heat but I am certain I do not need a refreshing dip in anyone’s pool 😂 😂 😂 ❄️ 🎿 xx


    • Brrrrrrr they are calling for the 70’s here by Monday with high winds….with thunderstorms….the Mother Nature certainly has a fickle side…LOLbad enough ice bergs are floating further south than ever before…..keep warm my friend….and she probably is a crazy ole lady anyway…perhaps the weather made her that way….LOL

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  2. The huge plastic owl is a great idea, very glad it is doing its job. I am glad life is treating you well and looking forward to your trip. Stay cool my dear kat. 🙂


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