Mum’s Day Weekend…

Well we landed in Minden Nevada,  its right on the border of California….one of many small towns in a row….we are about 50 miles south of Reno….and if you were to fly due east like a crow….you would almost land at our house…LOL  This is our second day here….not a bad spot, the Carson Valley Casino has a nice RV park, great wifi and amenities, plus its quiet at night….so we enjoyed just hanging out, since we have both the RV and my car, we did a couple little outings to the surrounding area….sure pretty, and cold here…LOL  it was 70′ yesterday, but didn’t get over 56 today and suppose to be in the 30’s tonight….Brrrrr……we stayed a little bump in the road (hwy  #395) on Thursday at a place called Olancha….we were just west of Death Valley….but huge mountains on both sides of us…..the Serra Nevada’s on the West and the Amargosa Range on the East…..lots of snow peaks on both….LOL

They had teepee’s they rented out at the place we stayed…


These are the Sierra Nevada’s…breath taking….picture does not do them justice..


Theres hubby following up behind…..I think I was wearing him out…he hasn’t been driving much as I love to drive…so we have been just going slow and steady….but sure nice to have all the comforts of home with us….


We are headed to the American River in Gold Country, just on the other side of those mountains in California….we will be staying at a great place, Camp Lotus….our niece has been friends with the owners for 30 year….they do white river rafting from there….we will stay Saturday and Sunday, enjoy mum’s day with her and then head to Santa Rosa on Monday morning….excited to see my kids, family and friends and the house….

I will catch up with you all next week….have a great mum’s day…..


11 thoughts on “Mum’s Day Weekend…

  1. Happiest of Happy Mother’s Day to you my soul sista and thank you for the wonderful pictures (I’m drooling as you might guess 🤤). You are one in a million and my world is brighter with you in it! ☀️ 🌙 ⭐️


      • No girlies with me but in fairness, in England Mother’s Day is in March. I have my third arriving for a short visit on Thursday and I’m counting the days like a hungry child. The best bit yesterday was a lovely message from my Stepson (who was, raised in the US and in truth is American even though he had to go on his own journey to work it out!) …. you may recall a rather horrible rift there last year which seems to be all healed and that makes my heart sing. Because he is my husband’s only child and it is so important to me that we all blend comfortably xxxxx to you soul-sista X


      • Happy one of the little birdies are showing up this week…..and really, really happy the boy/man child has finally come to his senses and understands what an absolutely wonderful woman/step mom you are….isn’t it nice when they finally start growing up and become adults…LOL glad life is good for you…we had a mishap on the road…no one was hurt, but the RV may be ir-repairable…not sure until the adjuster calls me….husband hit a cement bridge…well scraped the hell out of the side of the rig..we were 2 hours from home so we were able to have it towed here, so for now the journey has stopped and we are sitting back in California….alls good….xxxxkat

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      • Oh Heavens I am SO glad no-one was hurt. I’ll keep my toes crossed that the adjuster plays fair. Take good care of you, please. I only just found my soul-sista and I’m not ready for any major mishaps just yet. Thank you for kind words about stepson. It is extremely nice when they finally start to grow up … it brings some sort of peace with it for the parents xxxxx


      • I was in a car in front of my hubby….so I just saw it as it happened….waiting for the adjuster to call to set up an appointment to view the damage….keep your fingers crossed…thanks…..xxxxkat

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